1. Way to go Genny!! Looks great… I love your tips and wish I could remember all of them. I will just have to memorize this article! :)

  2. Good advice! I am on the other side of the toddler years, but not far enough away that I don't remember the struggles. I actually feel more comfortable dealing with such things compared to dealing with older kid issues! Humour is the key to all stages, I guess.

  3. As I read through your article I realized your title could have been "8 Great Tricks for Parenting Toddlers…and Teens!" There are quite a few similarities I have found, except everything is on a larger scale and you need a double dose of #8. Great article!

  4. Nice article for us that have the toddlers at our feet! We are going into the frequent meltdowns. I needed a refresher on handling this sensitive time.Cheers!

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