Ah, toddlerhood! It’s a time when kids test boundaries, and test their parents in the process. So how do moms and dads survive? Find some practical tips in my article over at Sacramento Parent Magazine.

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6 Comments on 8 Great Tricks for Parenting Toddlers…

  1. Way to go Genny!! Looks great… I love your tips and wish I could remember all of them. I will just have to memorize this article! :)

  2. Good advice! I am on the other side of the toddler years, but not far enough away that I don't remember the struggles. I actually feel more comfortable dealing with such things compared to dealing with older kid issues! Humour is the key to all stages, I guess.

  3. As I read through your article I realized your title could have been "8 Great Tricks for Parenting Toddlers…and Teens!" There are quite a few similarities I have found, except everything is on a larger scale and you need a double dose of #8. Great article!

  4. Nice article for us that have the toddlers at our feet! We are going into the frequent meltdowns. I needed a refresher on handling this sensitive time.Cheers!

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