And the next thing I knew, we were driving home with him in the back seat…

Remember how I didn’t think I’d be able to tell my daughter no to adopting a kitten because she’s been working so hard to save her money for one?

Well, I couldn’t.

Meet Charlie…

When my daughter and I went to the SPCA a few days ago, just to look, we saw him in the front lobby…

with a sign on his cage that said, “Ready to go home.”

And the next thing I knew, we were driving home with that little guy in the back seat, my daughter crying and laughing at the same time because she was so happy.

She paid for everything herself, even down to the food and the litter box.

$81.00 that she’d saved.

It was precious, and I loved seeing her reap the rewards of her hard work.

I have to admit, I’m actually glad now that she came up with the idea.

Because this little guy is growing on me.

When he’s not helping me revise my novel,

he’s doing a good job keeping me company.

And why would I want to say no to that? :)

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  1. adorable pictures. what a special moment for your daughter. happy WW and take care.

  2. Charlie is so cute! And he looks so soft. I think it's wonderful that your daughter worked and saved for such a sweet reward.

  3. Mom….don't you know you never go to the SPCA to just look. :)He is adorable and how special that your daughter earned the money to pay for him and his goodies. Happy WW!

  4. How special! She will remember that day forever! What a cute little kitty!

  5. I know he looks so soft. IT's always nice to see our children so proud of them self. Sometimes they just sit and giggle. At least mien does!

  6. Hi, dropping by here via "More Than Words".Charlie, the perfect name. And pure sweetness that your daughter saved enough money to pay for everything herself. There's something to be said for that!

  7. He's a cutie. :) And wow, your daughter saved up $81 to adopt this cat… you must be so proud of her. She must be so proud of herself. :)

  8. Ok, I can see why he was so irresistible. I love how she used her own money. Very sweet.

  9. Awwww! Kittens are the best. What a little cutie, and what a great way for your daughter to learn about saving and spending.

  10. I wish Hubby would let us get a kitty:(. They are so much easier than dogs. But, since he is a self professed cat hater looks like we'll be sticking to fish for a while.

  11. Awwwwwwwwwwww…he's so cute!My little Faithy wants a kitty. I'd be all for it…but it's her daddy and big brother…and maybe our two dogs if they could share their opinion…that have only wishing. I hope someday she gets her kitty…and that the story is as awesome as your daughter's.Peace.Jeanine

  12. What a wonderful way to learn responsibility. She must be a special girl for taking such an "adult" road to getting a new kitty. And, BTW, he is adorable.

  13. I can't believe she paid for everything. That's wonderful……..he does look pretty cute. :)

  14. That happened to me three times! I know the feeling….but seriously, we do have too many pets right now. But how do we begin to downsize? It probably won't happen!

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