A couple of days ago, when I opened the refrigerator, I found this on a shelf:

pet egg

When I took it out and asked my kids what it was, my son proudly said…

“That’s my new pet egg, Mom. I made him a bed. And you have to keep him in the fridge because it’s cold and that’s where he likes to sleep.”

Even though I thought the fly my son caught last week (and put in a Tupperware, and fed grapes because he said it was a fruit fly) topped the pet-adventure list in our house, now I’m re-thinking things.

Because a pet egg, with the yolk still inside, and temperature and sleeping requirements, might be even better.

Or worse.


Don’t you think? :)


28 Comments on Our New Pet

  1. I think it's brilliant that he wants to keep it in the fridge where it has less chance of breaking, and rotting in the heat. :)

  2. I agree with Jessica, he just can't take it out to play! But other than that it's a pretty easy pet to take care of… plus it would make me smile eveytime I opened the fridge! :-)

  3. Ha ha love it! Reminds of a story I once read where a boy carried around a pet potato, to convince his parents he could handle a puppy.

  4. I'm thinking your son is looking for someone or something to take care of. (Goodness, bad grammar) What a hoot, though :) I love it.

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