Bedtime prayers and sandwiches?

buffet of food and sandwiches I know I’m not the most talented cook in the world, but I do make a mean sandwich.

Just ask my husband.
I’ve been making them for him since we were in high school together. My parents had a family business when I was growing up, and we had delis in a couple of the stores.

You name it, I can make it… hot pastrami, French dip, turkey and avocado, salami with the works…

But don’t ask my son about the salami sandwiches.

Because apparently he won’t agree that they’re any good.

The other night when we were saying bedtime prayers together, this is what he said:

“Dear God,

Thank you for my mom and dad and sister and Spot and Blackberry and everything else. Please help Lady up in Heaven. And please don’t have my mom make that kind of sandwich in my lunch ever again.


I’m joining in with Rocks in My Dryer’s Works-for-Me-Wednesday, because saying bedtime prayers with my kids is something that works for me.

Just like when they write on their whiteboards, it gives me a glimpse into their hearts.

And I love being able to hear what they’re thinking, or hoping for.

Even if it’s just that they don’t want me to make them salami sandwiches anymore. :)


  1. That is so funny and sounds like something Lucas would say in his prayers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love it…that is great!!! I think I will start listening to all their prayers now!works for me…sandy toes

  3. For the record, it’s not just with our children that we can discover things through their prayers. When we’re having “Family Worship” after supper, often when my husband prays I find out things I didn’t even know were going on in his life! He’s not “Mr. Communication” and sometimes I find it funny how God uses our prayer time to help me know him more!Have a great day! Would love to be able to drop by for a sandwich ;o)Joy

  4. What kind of sandwhich did you make I wonder? It must have been bad if it illicited that prayer : ). So cute! I love bedtime prayers too!

  5. That is so funny! And I do love bedtime prayers. My daughter is still too young to really “get it,” but I would still like to start doing it.Carrie

  6. I love children’s prayers. And as much as we love them, can you only imagine how God must feel? Thanks for the sweet post today!

  7. Hmm, I should have tried that when I was kid. There were lots of gross things in my lunch! (Not that I’m saying your salami sandwich was gross. I heart salami sandwiches!!)

  8. I envy your sandwich making ability. It’s probably my least-good thing because I won’t touch mayo or mustard in any form, and can’t even stand to stick my hand in the jar to use it for someone else’s sandwich. So my poor family either gets it my way–plain and dry–or they make it themselves!I never thought of getting the message across to my mom that way! My prayer would have been “Please don’t ever let her make any kind of mush ever again.” (Mondays were always hot cereal for breakfast.)

  9. I love his honesty, and if you need a place for that sandwich, I’ll take it! Sounds yummy, maybe I should go make some dinner.

  10. That’s how you found out – how funny! Well, you just send that salami sandwich right over here and my husband will take of that pesky little problem. You need to have a once a month sandwich making tutorial. I’d be glad to learn.

  11. Sorry your “feature” in his prayer was less attractive that night! :)Maybe you could but a little surprise sweet treat in his lunch so you can get back on the A Prayer list! :):)Thanks for visiting my site!

  12. my new rule is i can only blog before and after 8:00.its a little tough, but i get a lot more done in the day. :)

  13. I love to hear children pray. My son’s favorite thing to say in a prayer is “thank you for this opportunity”.

  14. That sandwich looks really good. I love good sandwiches! So you have known your hubby since high school? That is pretty neat! I met my hubby in high school too!

  15. How funny! Can I hire you to make the sandwiches at my house? They sound delicious, and I hate to make sandwiches.

  16. That made me laugh! I love listening to kids prayers. My 3 yo said our family prayer the other night and prayer for our friend K that is sick with cancer and afterwards my son laughed and said, “did you hear Lauren ask for K to get healthy?” I said, “yeah…” He laughed harder and said, “like its not?” I was confused and then he said, “Like greenbeans aren’t, peas aren’t, etc…” Apparently my son thought Lauren said “carrots get healthy” and not her name! We were all laughing after that!

  17. I love it. Bedtime prayers are such sweet moments to spend with your kids. I want ALL of your sandwiches. I am a sandwich nut.

  18. Your post made me smile. Kids’ prayers are the sweetest, aren’t they? So earnest and honest…

  19. Aww, you have to love his honesty :) Love it! p.s. And I love salami sandwiches.

  20. oh, how sweet! You can come to Illinois and make me a sandwich anytime! Yummy! What a nice talent!!!!!

  21. Since highschool!? Awww….My husband doesn’t care what I make, as long as he’s got something to eat! I’m sure most husbands are like that.

  22. So (to finish the thought!) I’m sure when your boy grows up, he’ll be happy to find a wife that’ll feed him as well! :)

  23. That is so darn cute. I love that he couldn’t just tell you, he had to pray it :) Adorable!

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