We Make Millions!

According to my son, that is.

On one of his homework assignments at the end of this year, when he was asked to draw himself as someone he would like to be and write about it, this is what he wrote:

kids drawing
kids note about making a million dollars
Evidently we’re “Milyenaires”.Ha! Who knew?
(Gotta love the way kids think…)


  1. He maxe milyens…that is too funny! This school project is cute, definitely a keeper!Hope you are enjoying your summer so far! Got any 2 day vacations planned? :)

  2. So precious. Vacations and millions, That’s the life of dads isn’t it? I love those sort of keepsakes.

  3. I don’t have children but I have a niece (oops, I have 2 now lol but the baby is only 8 weeks old) and that little 4 year old is sending me things she has written and colored. I am just waiting for the day to get a story like that. I love it! Have a great day!Kristin

  4. That is so cute! My kids have that perception of us too. They also think I’m like 98 years old b/c of the few wild gray hairs!

  5. Oh, this is precious! The spelling is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. :) He’s so detailed….he even knows what color of shirt he’s wearing! Love how they think.

  6. Seriously – that’s the cutest thing ever. It’s nice to see he gave himself a long 2 days of vacation time. How old is this boy to be such a workaholic? :-) Ha Ha! It’s nice to know there are some millionaires out there with such a fun blog! :-)

  7. THis is so cute. When my daughter was in Kindergarten she told her teacher in confidence that her dad made like ONe hundred dollars. She was bragging like that was alot. :)

  8. Oh that is hysterical. His writing seems very familiar to me :) What grade is he in? i love little kiddo spelling.

  9. Tiffany and Kara – if only!Kristin – a huge thank you!and Kristen – he just finished first grade. I love the spelling too! That’s one of the reasons I had to share this. Thanks, all, for stopping by.Genny

  10. Thank-you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment, I hope you’ll continue to return :)

  11. Don’t you love getting a glimpse into the minds of our little ones? Especially as they are starting to form their own realities? So fun.What grade is this one in?

  12. That is the sweetest and funniest thing ever!!! :) Ha! I just love the stuff our cherubs come up with, don’t you?! Have a great weekend, thanks so much for stopping by Genny!!! :D

  13. Thats so precious! That ones a keeper for his 21st birthday! hehe. Congratulations on your milyenaire status :)

  14. That is amazingly adorable. I love the part about a two day vacation. What a great way to think of your weekend, huh? This melts my heart. Thank you for sharing your family with me.

  15. Genny-I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your recent comments. Thanks!And your son’s paper is adorable! I remember when mispelled words was cute- now that I have two in high school, it’s not so cute anymore… (Although, fortunately, their spelling HAS improved) LOL!

  16. i love it when they say “just use that card you use to pay for it” when i state that we don’t have the money at that time to buy that precious “have to, need to have” item!adorable post…and btw…wow, beautiful handwriting i must say!

  17. thats precious :)nice hand writing toomy daughter is 15 months… I can only imagine what else we have in store :)

  18. So sweet! I love reading the kid’s little compositions with their creative spelling – thanks for sharing!

  19. They sure do look up their parents, don’t they? When my daughter was little she didn’t think her dad had a job because he farms – she thought having a job meant leaving for work everyday…..or something!

  20. I wish I was what my kids saw through their eyes…they think I am the best mom ever, that I cook for them (because I microwave) and that I am sooo funny.It is hard to live up to that! :)Cute post…I have actually been told by my children after asserting that we can’t afford something that we should just “put it on the card.”Yep, apparently we make millions too!The maid

  21. I wish I could maxe milyens! Came upon your blog thru another link. I’m just getting started in the Blogosphere, & enjoy reading your posts. Please visit me soon!

  22. Thanks for checking in on my New Blog. Hope to have some interesting stuff to share with you & the kids this week, so Stay Tuned!

  23. This is priceless-one for the scrapbooks for sure! Kids really do say the most amazing things! I love your blog!

  24. This is classic! I can’t wait until my (4 yr old) son can write–I can only imagine the type of randomness that will spew from his warped little brain (hey, he lives with hubby and I, so he really never stood a chance at normality).

  25. I love this post! LOL! And my son thinks that you can just take money from the ATM and it’s free. Oh, kids!

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