Room Service, Anyone?

Waiter torso holding a silver tray with catering dome on a white backgroundNot long ago, Mike got a new phone system in our house that makes working from home easier for him. One of the features of the system is that the phones intercom each other–a convenient thing when you need to ask a quick question from upstairs or downstairs and don’t want to yell.

My daughter thinks it’s a great feature too, and has had fun calling from room to room.

Especially at bed-time.

The other night, literally one minute after Mike and I put the kids to bed, we heard the intercom…

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I picked up the phone.

“Mommy?” My daughter said. “Can I have some warm milk?”

“No, Honey. It’s late. You haven’t even tried to get to sleep yet.”

“But, Mommy?”


“I’m starving.”

“You already had dinner and brushed your teeth. It’s time for bed.” I went to hang up the phone.

“Wait, Mommy. If I have crackers, do I have to brush my teeth again?”

“You can’t have crackers.”

“But I’m starving.”

I knew I should stand firm. I knew it. But against my better judgment, I started to waver.

Maybe she’s going through a growth spurt, I thought. Maybe she should have a little snack…

“All right,” I said reluctantly, guiltily aware of the fact that I was teaching her if she bugged me long enough, I’d give in. “You can have an apple.”



“What about quesadillas?”

“No!” I’d just caved and offered her a snack, and now she was getting picky? “No quesadillas. It’s bed-time. I’m hanging up the phone and I’m bringing you some apples.”

“Okay. But, Mommy?” she said in her sweetest voice possible.


“Can you please cook me some bacon?”


“NO! I’m not making bacon. It’s nine o’clock! What do you think this is? Room service?”

Cute little laugh. “Yeah.”

I know I should’ve stopped the conversation right there. Or given her a consequence. Or done something to discourage her behavior. But, blame it on being at that delirious parental breaking point where, like it or not, you’re either going to laugh or cry, I started cracking up.

I laughed, then she laughed, until we both laughed so hard we couldn’t stop.

“Well, it’s not,” I finally managed, catching my breath.

“Okay,” she said, still giggling.

“Listen.” I tried to sound firm. “I’ll cut you some strawberries if you don’t want apples. Then you need to go to sleep.”

“Okay. I’ll have strawberries.”

“Okay.” Sigh.

“And Mommy?” she said.


“While you’re at it, can you make me some warm milk?”…

I don’t think these intercoms are such a handy feature after all.



  1. I hear you!Sometimes the mom in training of kids mode “should” do one thing, but the sense of humor in us doesn’t allow it. I think a wise mom can find that balance as you did – and I think it all works together to make well trained kids with a sense of humor.

  2. So I thought the fact she asked for quesadillas was funny. But the bacon? Hilarious! I’m so glad you were able to laugh with your daughter – this was one of those moments it was definitely called for!

  3. That is too funny! I am kind of glad that I don’t have an intercom system because I would be up all night delivery room service.

  4. Wow, I would not like those intercoms! That’s too much!I think it’s great that you can laugh in spite of the bedtime infraction. Laughter with our kids is such a gift!

  5. ♡ That is too funny!!! I can just see what my kids would do with an intercom!!! My day would never end! :)

  6. oh your post was just perfect I feel like I give in to my son way to much sometimes I just can’t resist! Today I had one of those days where I thought geez when is he going to cut me a break! Glad to hear that I am not the only one that caves in and sometimes they really push us don’t they! I am a slave to my son! As always love reading your blog!

  7. This was so adorable – quesadillas – HAHAHAHAHA!I’m Kellan, btw – see you soon.

  8. HEHE! Thanks for the laugh (out loud I might add!). I reckon God smiles at all our intercom requests sometimes!

  9. gosh, I do that cave thing also. What’s up with that? We know better, then we start justifying like you said about the growth spurt and oh! I can’t starve my baby.And then my husband gets upset for me being a softy!I can’t win.

  10. That was so cute! I love that she asked for quesadillas and bacon, what a hoot!!!! I am like you though I cave so easy with my girls!

  11. That is too funny.She would have had me too. “I’m hungry” is my weakness. I just can’t stand the thought of my little girl lying in bed, hungry. I’m a sucker, I know.

  12. That was totally hilarious. I would absolutely call from room to room. Why bother walking in and having a face to face conversation with anyone in your family ever again? :)

  13. Fabulous blog. I love it! I can relate to this post. Starving! That is so cute. I’d like to put your button on my sidebar. Have a great week!

  14. Oh, that is too funny. We have those intercom phones too. My kids are too little to use them, but I better keep this info from my husband. He would love a little room service!

  15. Genny,That was just hysterical. Are you sure you were writing about your house?!?We don’t have the intercom thingamajig but the yelling in our home back and forth from bedroom to family room is uncannily the same conversation.Blessings, Joanne

  16. Oh no!We stayed at a fancy hotel a couple of summers ago, and ever since my oldest has spoken dreamily about the beauties of room service….

  17. Sounds like my little girl. She’s always hungry. I try to offer the kids carrots at night. If they refuse, then I figure they’re not really hungry!

  18. So Funny!! The conversations with kids are amazing.My kids always seem to get hungry before bed, sometimes we have cereal and milk about twenty minutes before bed. Maybe it’s a bad habit, but I always imagine their tummies full and good little sleepers!

  19. Loved it – great post so funny – your daughter sounds like she has a great personality

  20. Bacon and Quesidillas…too funny! By the way, you have got a great blog! I just stumbled upon it today and have enjoyed reading.

  21. Just popped over to your blog again and was delighted with a funny and familiar story. My nearly 3 year old is quite so clever herself at bedtime and unfortunately gets me laughing during times when I should be “cracking down”! The bacon request was my favorite though. I would put a curfew on those intercoms. :-)

  22. I have a 3 year old that is the best bedtime staller ever. It’s amazing what they come up with!! Hey at least your little one was eating healthy after bed!!

  23. i read this at work yesterday, and laughed all the way out loud! hysterical!having a good sense of humor, i’m convinced, is one of the essentials of survival ;)

  24. I love this story. We’ve had many of those types of bedtime hunger situations. Sometimes we just have to give in to our kid’s sweet attempts to manipulate us, simply because we love them.

  25. Aren’t those laughs with your kids the best??? Kelly @ Pass the Torch recommended your blog to me. I love your writing! I will definitely be checking back.

  26. Sounds like you have a sweet, and very convincing little girl! Visiting from SITS, congrats on your feature day!

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