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My first video (and how this conference changed my life)

By Genny

I did my first video taping a couple weeks ago and it was such an honor to be able to record some of my story for Courage to Be You’s upcoming Courage Conference (this weekend, Feb. 3rd and 4th!). Courage Conference Testimony from Genny Heikka on Vimeo. I have to admit, I was nervous before the recording (I’m […]  Continue reading

Mike’s trip to London (I wish I could’ve gone!)

By Genny


Mike gets to travel to some pretty amazing places for work. Recently, he went to London. We toyed with the idea of me tagging along, but I waited too long to get my passport so I couldn’t (plus it would’ve been hard with the kids’ activities). But after he showed me some of the pictures he took, […]  Continue reading

Our first pumpkin patch sunset

By Genny

I looked at the calendar last week and realized it was already almost the end of October… and we hadn’t gone to the pumpkin patch yet! With two soccer tournaments ahead of us (last weekend and this weekend), going to the pumpkin patch on a Saturday or Sunday like we usually do wasn’t an option. So we […]  Continue reading

Mike’s trip, in photos

By Genny

Mike got to see some pretty amazing things on his recent trip to Asia. Here are just some of them: The factory in China where all the iPads are made. 200K employees work here. Shenzen, China. Evidently, the city with the most LED lights in the world. Another photo of Shenzen, China. This hotel in Singapore has […]  Continue reading

Celebrating a special woman

By Genny

We had family over Sunday morning after church to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday. It was a great time and it was really fun to get everyone together. My daughter made the cupcakes: And I baked banana bread, I’ll have to share the recipe with you. The bread is made with Spelt flower and less sugar; a healthier option, […]  Continue reading

Beautiful wildflowers on the California Coast

By Genny

The flowers at Timber Cove (where we went on our recent trip to the coast) were so beautiful that I wanted to share a few more photos… :) For more “Wordful” / Wordless Wednesday photos, stop by Angie’s SevenClownCircus, Parenting by Dummies, 5MinutesforMom, and A Beautiful Mess.  Continue reading

The color on these birds!

By Genny

I took the kids to a zoo not far from our house a couple weeks ago. We met my family for sort of an end-of-the-summer day together. It was a great time and the kids loved seeing their cousins. They loved the Lorikeets too. (There’s an enclosed area you can go in and feed the birds. They land on […]  Continue reading

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