Five simple ways to give your kids an example of a healthy marriage


My daughter was downloading photos to the computer the other day and this one caught my eye: “What’s that from?” I asked, recognizing my yellow shirt. “Oh, that’s when we went on the walk the other day. I took a picture of you and Dad.” I hadn’t known she’d taken a picture, or that she’d […]  Continue reading Read more…

5 Great Wedding Ideas


We are back from my niece’s wedding and I am still smiling, thinking about what a special time it was. Kailee and Matt are such a cute couple and the wedding was truly amazing. She had so many creative ideas that she incorporated into the day that I just had to share some of them […]  Continue reading Read more…

My Valentine’s Day Breakdown


Valentine’s Day blew in with storm clouds the year the breakdown happened. In spite of the rainy morning that hinted things might be less than perfect that day, the promise of a cozy night with Mike had me cheerily oblivious. He was coming home from work early and I was looking forward to a romantic dinner. Our “date” was just […]  Continue reading Read more…