The best birthday celebration (in Napa, CA) ever!


A few weeks ago, I went to Napa with my friends to celebrate our birthdays. We’ve all known each other since grammar school or high school and we have a tradition of getting together for a girls weekend once a year.

This get-together was special because we all turned 40 this year!

It was SUCH a great time.

We stayed at Indian Springs in Calistoga in a beautiful cottage.

The resort was gorgeous, complete with the biggest pool I’ve ever seen, filled with water from the hot springs. (The water felt amazing.)
Our friend Amie kicked the weekend off by giving us all matching tank tops, with our senior portraits ironed on the front. It was too cute! Here’s mine:
And even though we all brought cute outfits to wear on Saturday, we decided to put our matching tank tops on instead. :)
After a hike in the morning, we hopped on bikes and headed out to stop by wineries and see the countryside.
Christine, Amie, Shannon, me, Lisa, Amy
It was such a fun day. The weather was beautiful and the Napa countryside was absolutely gorgeous.
We had a great time on our bikes… we looked like a scene straight out of The Sound of Music (me especially with my straw hat.) We even had someone sing as they passed us in their truck, “The hiiills are aliiiive with the sound of muuuuuusic…” It was really funny.
After we got back from riding bikes, we went out to a nice dinner at a place called Farmstead.
Lisa, Christine, me, Amy, Shannon, Amie
The food was amazing, especially the pie they brought us for dessert:
If anyone dreads turning 40, don’t! This is such a fun time, and you get a great excuse to celebrate in a huge way!
Amy, Lisa, Christine, Amie, and Shannon – Thanks for such an amazing time and special memories! Love you!

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