Mom-Mondays – a time to share


Thanks for all of your sweet comments and emails wishing me well on my dental surgery last week. Everything went great and I’m pretty much back to normal, although I didn’t feel up to finishing the post I started to write for today (a story about something that happened with my son… I’ll post it next week).

So instead, I thought I’d open things up for sharing…

Take a minute and finish one (or more) of these sentences…

1. One of my favorite parenting memories so far is ______________.

2. When I have time to myself, I like to______________.

3. As a mom, my biggest challenge right now is______________.

4. One of the lessons I’ve learned is as a parent is _________________.

My answers:
1. The day each of my kids were born (meeting them and seeing them for the first time, not the labor part!).
2. Exercise or get a massage.
3. The new emotions and situations that come with parenting a pre-teen.
4. Grace is more powerful than punishment in teaching our kids.

I can’t wait to read your comments! Have a great Monday. :)


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