1. It must be Spring! They look so cute but I hope they don't get too comfortable there all the same! My sister found some ducks in her pool and they thought they owned the place after a couple of days!Best wishes,Natasha.

  2. Natasha – They flew away about a half hour after they landed and we haven't seen them since (though the kids are hoping they come back!). :)

  3. what an adorable couple!We used to have a duck couple that would visit our pool every year (my kids even named them Fred & Mary)

  4. That is too funny :) same kind of ducks that are in the pond at the firehall here…

  5. The ducks are looking marvelous swimming in the pool…The way you clicked this pic was marvelous..Thanks for making us a part of it….

  6. How funny, they're adorable. A bit lost perhaps, but adorable.———————————–My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  7. I love how when you talk about something, it sometimes happens. I remember saying to my dad that I guess they didn't have dear on Hilton Head Is. when I was visiting him, as I had never seen them. He said yes, they are just smaller than up north. We turned a corner and suddenly saw 8 or 10 deer along the road. It was unbelievable.

  8. Who could blame them- :) If I could just swim in any inviting pool I happened across with out consequence – I would totally do it :) Especially come August around here

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