The Perfect Pumpkin(s)…


We went to the pumpkin patch this weekend and had a great time.

It was a perfect Fall day: crisp, a little cloudy, but beautiful.

The kids had fun riding the train,

seeing the animals,

eating caramel apples,

and watching apple cider being made.

Even though it rained a little when we were there, it didn’t cut our trip short.

The kids still took their time finding just the right pumpkins.

My daughter picked out a small, smooth one, perfect for carving:

And my son?


He has a different idea of what the perfect pumpkin looks like. :)


He started to carve the biggest of the four as soon as we got home,

and then went outside,

found two earthworms,

and put them inside his pumpkin… 

“To see if they like to eat it, Mom.”

Boys and worms… I’m telling you! lol

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