For Mother’s Day this year, my son gave me a hand-painted ceramic pot with a fabric flower inside it.

flower in a pot kindergarten


There was a poem, too:

flower in a pot kindergarten

It was the perfect gift for me because I don’t have a green thumb. 

But after reading the poem again the other day, I realized that, even though I may not have much success keeping plants and flowers alive, I’m still a gardener.

I loved the reminder that my kids can be fragile and delicate,

like flowers.

And that it’s important to nurture them,

pick the weeds,

protect their roots,

give them room to grow,

and appreciate their uniqueness.

And when I do all of that,

what I’m really doing…

is helping them to bloom.

12 Comments on On being a mom and a gardener

  1. I am not a gardener. I would love to plant some flowers but do not have any right now. I just really liked your poem that your son gave to you the way he did. Very creative, and a good reminder of the important role we, as moms have :)

  2. That poem from your son is very sweet and true. I have a "brown" thumb; I did plant some basil and cilantro yesterday with my husband and kids. Hope they survive, lol. I'd like to work on the skill of gardening, I think it comes in handy to help me cultivate more patience, perseverance, and nurturing ways.

  3. We keep talking about starting a garden, but haven't done it yet. Perhaps next year (I think we missed planting season and now it's too hot here in AZ…). ;)

  4. I do NOT have a green thumb but oh I hope I can be a good gardener for my children. What a beautiful poem…I love it and will refer to it many times to remind myself to nurture them and let them grow. Thank you :)

  5. Hi Genny,I don't have a green thumb and parenting is still a bewilderment to me. That I can be entrusted with these lives day in and day out.I'm really counting on God to help me plant those seeds. Seriously. The only plant in my house needs to be taken out! :)So happy you're with me on the journey …

  6. This made my cry. What a beautiful little poem.I wish I had a green thumb, my dad does.Thank you for your kind words about my blog.I think yours in beautiful too.:)Mama Ash

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