Remember the empty nest my daughter took a picture of?

Here’s what’s in there now…

After she took the picture using my phone, I went back out there to try to get a shot with my camera, but this bird is a good mama…

She wouldn’t leave the nest. :)

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30 Comments on And then there were eggs

  1. Those eggs are gorgeous and love the protective "Momma" ;-) Gotta love God's creation!!P.S. LOVE the new pic of you on your header ;-)Have a great evening :-)

  2. We had a dove make a nest on my husbands ladder that hangs horizontally under the porch of his workshop. They came, raised their babies and left but before we could remove the nest another dove occupied it within a day and is now sitting on babies. We are really hoping that the babies are grown and gone in less then a week because we are in the process of moving and my husband would really like his ladder back. LOL!HUGSKim

  3. Beautiful eggs! Doesn't God just do amazing and wonderful things with his creation?Can't wait to see pictures of the babies…if that mama allows you the photo op, that is.Peace to your day!Jeanine

  4. So cool! Lovely pics! This is my first time here… I love it. I'm now a new follower. Come follow me back when you get a chance? Hugs, Traci

  5. We had cardinals build a nest right outside our window earlier this spring. The Dudes loved looking in there everyday to see if the eggs hatched. Sadly we had a horrible storm one night and lost the babies. I think I was even more sad than The Dudes about it. It's been empty every since:( Hope you get to watch yours soon!

  6. Wow, beautiful eggs and what a dedicated momma bird! My brother-in-law has a momma bird sitting in his backyard too and we were amazed how she wasn't scared of all the people around her.

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