Flies and fly traps


My son loves pets. All kinds–snails, frogs, mice, and even pet eggs that you, “have to keep in the fridge because it’s cold and that’s where they like to sleep.”

Unfortunately, he likes pet flies too.

A while ago, he caught what he called, “a cute little fruit fly,” and made a home for it (in one of my food storage containers), complete with sugar water and a pile of animal circus cookies, “in case he gets hungry.”


The fly didn’t last long.

But that didn’t stop my son from looking for another pet.

A couple weeks ago, I came downstairs to find him in the kitchen, and this on the center island:

fly catcher

(Notice the glue on the counter.)

When I asked him what he was doing, he said, “I’m making a fly catcher, so I can save them instead of swatting them.”

I explained that, in fact, I didn’t want him catching and saving flies.

At all.

Ever again. (And then I had him clean the counter.)

But the no-fly rule was harder to enforce than I thought.

Because when I looked up at the fruit bowl and realized it had a big clump of tape in it–sticky-side-up–waiting for the next unsuspecting “pet” to land.

And the tape wasn’t just on the bowl, either. He’d posted little fly-traps all around the kitchen–the fridge, the dishwasher, even along the edges of the counter.

“Those are so when they land, I can catch them without hurting them,” he explained.

I guess I should look on the bright side and appreciate the fact that he has such a sweet heart and doesn’t want to hurt even a fly. But I will tell you that Mike and I are starting to think getting a dog might be a good idea. :)