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It seems like I’ve had so many inspiring moms cross my path lately.

Moms like Carole, who told me about what happened when she and her daughter Heidi, who has Down Syndrome, went to the bridal shop in Las Vegas. (I’ll post the story soon; be ready with Kleenex.)

And moms like Michelle, who recently emailed me. Michelle is a new mom whose sweet baby girl had to have emergency colostomy surgery at just two days old.

But in spite of the fact that Michelle is still waiting for answers regarding her daughter’s medical condition, she says, “even though I never thought anything good could come from the experience, with time, I’ve realized it’s possible to see the good in almost every situation.”

One of her recent posts shows the good she’s talking about, and how her daughter’s condition, though challenging and stressful, was able to help someone else.

Here’s Michelle’s post, A Moment In Time:

The other day I got an early morning phone call from one of my best friends. She had arranged a road trip for her 91 year-old father-in-law who wanted to see Niagara Falls with his 2 year-old granddaughter. He was very upset that morning and wanted to cancel the trip because his urostomy bag had leaked and come off. He was down to his last bag and was very worried that it would not hold up for the trip in the hot, muggy weather.

My friend and her husband had been trying to help him all morning, but he kept saying, “You don’t understand,” and, “I hate this bag,” and, “I can’t do this any more.”

I told my friend that my daughter and I were coming over.

We arrived to find a man very frustrated and about to give up…

as if no one could really understand what he was going through.

I wanted him to know that he was not alone.

I showed him my daughter’s colostomy bag and explained how she was having the exact same problems because of the hot weather.

He immediately calmed down when he saw my daughter and agreed to let us help him put on a new bag.

We worked carefully and quietly, and he seemed to enjoy telling us about the special application techniques he had developed over the years. He even commented on how he had the same kind of ostomy paste and I said, “Of course -this kind is the best.”

I gave him some of our special medical tape to seal all the edges and we checked everything again until he was finally confident that the bag would stay in place for the road trip.

It was so touching to watch the interactions between my little baby, who is at the beginning of her life, helping a man who is nearing the end of his.

Despite their incredible differences, for that small moment in time, these two formed a special bond and understood each other perfectly.

I was touched by how Michelle’s baby’s difficult situation was able to bring comfort to her friend’s father.

And I think it’s a beautiful reminder that no matter what hardships or detours we face in life, someone else has been on the path we are on. We are not alone.

So if you’re in a difficult place right now–if you or your child is sick, or if you’re facing a tough time in your family–remember there are others who know how you feel. Turn to moms in your same situation or seek out a support group. Lean on family and friends and ask for prayer, because it makes a difference. (Leave a comment here or send me an email and I’ll be praying for you too).

As to the future, Michelle says, “I will try to focus on the positive things in life. I will smile every day and I will watch my beautiful baby grow big and strong. I will do everything I can to get her the best medical support team I can find, and I will promise to be the best mama I can be.”

I can’t think of a better perspective. Don’t you agree?

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  1. This is such an inspiring post! Your story so touched my heart! A dear friend of mine, who was much older, once said, "We so need to be needed." We both needed each other! I think that's what this grandpa needed–to be needed. They inspired each other. Be blessed today!

  2. What a beautiful story. As the mom of two cancer-survivor children and the wife of a four-time cancer survivor, it's amazing the amount of hope that comes from what seems hopeless.Peace and blessings to your day.

  3. Thank you for sharing this Michelle and Genny… a wonderful reminder about life and relationships.Blessings-Amanda

  4. Your post was touching and really brought back memories for me. My mom has an ostomy bag. There were times I know she just wanted to give up because of her difficulties. And it's not easy taking care of someone with an ostomy either. S*@% happens!

  5. "We so need to be needed." Love it, bluecottonmemory! And thanks Jeanine and Kellie for sharing your personal stories too! Jeanine, you are an inspiration.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing my story on your beautiful blog. Your commentary is so touching and is a wonderful reminder to everyone about the importance of building a support group and reaching out to people when you need help.

  7. Michelle (Mama Plays Mozart), it's an honor to share your story. I'm so glad you contacted me!

  8. Hi, Genny!Come visit me today on my blog ( and check out the first six-years (and counting) of my little Faith Marie! You might enjoy her photos. She is proof of the "hope" in hopeless feelings. She is my inspiration, my strength, my sweet, sweet girl!Peace and blessings to your day!Jeanine

  9. That is truly a touching story. It's amazing how much finding someone who can relate can make a difference. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  10. I don't know how I missed your post yesterday, but what a lovely, special story! Thank you for sharing it.

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