In today’s fast-paced world, it can be especially challenging to set aside quality family time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could push a pause button on the clock and create more time with the ones you love?

Looking at old pictures together, or watching home videos or DVD’s, can help you do just that.

There’s something about taking the time to reflect on the past that helps you to slow down and forget about your to-do list.

Remembering birthdays, holidays, and vacations spent with family and friends can put your focus back on what really matters and give you a new appreciation for the special moments you’ve shared.

My kids and I did this just the other day. It was such a sweet thing to watch a video of my son, back when he was two, singing a Veggie Tales song into the camera. And it made me smile when my daughter turned to him and said, as she watched too, “Look how cute you are!”

We must’ve sat there for an hour “Awwwing” at all the memories we’ve shared. And when we were done, I was more thankful than ever for our special times together–including the time we’d just spent watching them.

So the next time you feel overwhelmed by the how fast time is flying or how busy you are, pull your kids up next to you on the couch, pop in a DVD from when they were younger, or get out those old photo albums or CDs, and take a walk down memory lane. Not only can it help you slow down as a family and appreciate each other more, it can also create a slice of quality time well spent.

*Originally written for Beautiful Fabulous online magazine.


I thought I’d share this article today and join in Rocks in My Dryer’s works-for-me Wednesday because, especially as I continue with My One Month, spending more quality time with my family is definitely something that works for me! :)

From the book One Month to Live:

“People who discover that their time is limited often make radical lifestyle changes. They give up workaholism and slow down the pace of their lives, spending time with loved ones, with God, and alone, reflecting on their lives. They relinquish the pursuit and collection of material possessions and finally enjoy the fullness of what they already have.”

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  1. Great point. I have recently been looking through past photos, but I seldom include my kids even though I know they’d love it. I need to do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. That’s why I went and bought myself a little video camera (the Flip). My SLR doesn’t have video capability and I was afraid we were missing out on the chance to record those special moments. As much as I love still photography, there are some things that you just need video for.

  3. Genny, we often do this and it is such fun. I used to laugh when my son would watch the video’s of himself as a baby. He would refer to the baby on the screen as “that baby” or “that little boy”, not really making the connection that it was him!!!Thanks for reminding me to do this again soon! Maybe we’ll pull out our wedding video tonight – we’re celebrating our 20th Anniversary today!Have a wonderful day,Joy

  4. looking through family photo albums is one of our favorite things to do as a family. Even though my kids complain like crazy for taking so many pictures, they appreciate the albums.

  5. Great post – yes it is important to take momments and just really live in the moment as a list maker and being a goal oriented gal it is easy to be planning what to do next rather than be present in the moment. Thanks

  6. Genny, I always love to read your beautiful words. I take your suggestions when you talk about children and relate that to my relationship with my nieces, since I don’t have children. Thanks for being so observant and for being able to describe it so that I can use it in my own life, no matter what my situation.

  7. This is a good reminder for me Genny! My daughter might still be too young to get that it is her we are watching on TV, but it would be so fun! Also reminds me to get more of the day-to-day stuff on camera while she is so little and cute!Carrie

  8. We love watching family movies at our house – all of us are big in to preserving our memories. It’s such a big part of preserving our family “team” spirit!

  9. We have done that before and I love it.This weekend we are going to the Grand Canyon, just the four of us, hubby, son 26, son 23 and momma.I am looking forward to making some special memories and taking the time to reflect on God’s goodness and love for us as we stand in the vastness of the canyon and His creation.Blessings, Cindy

  10. That is such a special thing to do! A year or so ago, we watched our home videos and I was full of tears to realize how I’d already forgotten so many things and how much my son has changed.My son was delighted to see videos of when he was really little. even he agreed that he was cute! :)

  11. Is that a picture of your family…well it is an adorable photo whoever it is!!This is a great post. I love that idea. My son is fascinated with videos of himself. That would be so much better than turning on TV and zoning out.

  12. I linked here from another site and took a quick look. I really liked this article. Chery (my wife) and I have always tried to fight the "too busy" intruder into family life. Hard to do. Now our kids are almost grown (one left at home), but it is still an issue. We appreciate any reminder to keep that family time as top priority. Good post.Warren

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