A Day to Give

When I saw this challenge over at We Are THAT Family, I was excited…

Not only did it tug at my heartstrings, but it also ties into what I’ve been trying to focus on for My One Month. I couldn’t wait to help someone and then write about it.

I thought about how I might be able to make a difference. There are so many needs out there, and so many great organizations and causes…

Everywhere I went, I kept an eye out. I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to give. And while I looked for a need around me, I did other things…

Like help in my kids’ classrooms.

And volunteer with my daughter at a luncheon at our church.

And make a donation to breast cancer research when the person at the checkout stand asked if I wanted to contribute.

And send a check for the little girl we sponsor in Uganda through REACH.

Please don’t think I’m telling you these things to pat myself on the back or to list them as my “acts of giving”.

I’m sharing them because, honestly, the things I did seemed small. I still wanted to help with a “big need” out there. A need where I could really give.

Then I drove through the neighborhood and saw a neighbor watering the lawn of a house nearby. A house that wasn’t his. The people who lived there had moved out, and this neighbor was going out of his way to keep the lawn from dying.

And I got to thinking…

Just like I’m realizing more and more that it’s the little things that truly matter in life, it’s also the little opportunities to give, when acted on, that can make a big difference.

Opportunities like watering that lawn.

And making that donation.

And helping at our kids’ schools.

And bringing someone flowers.

It’s living life with open hands and giving freely, not only in situations where you can make a big impact, but also in everyday circumstances where you can help out and touch lives in ways you may never know.

Thank you Kristen for this challenge and for reminding me to “keep a lookout” every day for the needs of others, big and small.

From the book One Month to Live:

“Whether it’s through our churches, our schools, our companies, our neighborhoods, or our families, we’re called to come together to help others.”


  1. Genny, thanks for reminding me that even as I weekly return my elderly neighbours garbage bins from the end of his driveway once they’ve been emptied, that act of kindness IS giving, even though he is totally unaware of who returns them for him every Wednesday.It’s sometimes the help in the daily routine that means the most. Love your heart. Have a great day!Joy

  2. Genny, This is a great post and an even better reminder to look outside my normal stuff to find ways to help. This month has been awesome and I can’t wait to get my hand on the book!! I hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. These are wonderful ideas and something I should be striving for everyday. Imagine if when I woke up instead of saying, how can I make my day better, I said, how can I make someone’s day better? You really inspired me Genny. I am thankful!God bless-Amanda

  4. Thanks Ginny! You’re right….it’s the little blessings in my life from others that I remember. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I adore small, random acts of kindness. They’re what make the world a better place little by little. Great post!

  6. Living life by giving in little ways makes the largest impact, since those little things continue to add up through the course of your life. And you never know what little thing will truly impact another, for reasons you may never know.

  7. When you do something kind for another, you are also doing good for yourself. What a great feeling to elp someone else out. I recently was in the store at checkout, and the lady in front of me saw my carrots and said she meant to get some and forgot. She was elderly and couldn’t go and come fast enough, but I could. It was a great feeling to help her out! Her smile and thank you definitely made it worthwhile!

  8. Yes, God works through people even through the “little” things. Blessings come in all sizes!

  9. Yes , Yes – great advice and a great challenge! I will keep an eye out too. Still thinking about one month – Nice post

  10. Oh, thank you for sharing the thoughts…….and what you saw in that act of thoughtfulness!We all need to be actively watchful for more opportunities like that!!!

  11. So true. The neighbor watering the lawn…I remember a neighbor mowing our lawn when we were newlyweds and didn’t have a lawnmower yet. Those little acts mean so much to the recipient, I need to remember that!Carrie

  12. Such a great post and reminder. I definitely need to keep this a priority on a daily basis. Even for small things.

  13. That’s great :) It is so true, small things make a difference… and they all add up to make bigger things.I made another post for My One Month. Thank you again, it has been a pleasure.

  14. I came to your site from “Fingerprints On My Window”. What an amazing blog you have, full of inspiration. You have some themes that I will be coming back to visit and read. This post on giving reminded me of several years ago when our program directors gave each employee at Christmas a 100 dollar bill. The rule was that we had to give it away to anyone we wanted. We just had to come back on a given evening and tell the story. We were all excited and a bit nervous as to how it would turn out. That evening we were all in tears as each person told their amazing story about giving the money away. It was truly the best staff Christmas party ever! Each person had their own unique way of giving and it was evident God had a hand in much of it! Blessings to you!

  15. You ARE a Superior Scribbler, which is why I’ve presented you with that award! Please come by my place to pick it up. And thanks so much for tugging on my heartstrings. Congrats to you!!

  16. Such an awesome perspective Genny! Isn’t it an awesome feeling when we get prompted by the Holy Spirit to do something and follow through with it? It is so rewarding and satisfying. I truly believe we were created for those little (really not-so-little)moments!!

  17. I don’t do this as often as I should, thank you for the reminder to focus on others and not myself.

  18. This is a good reminder to keep our eyes open. The Lord gives us opportunities all the time to help and give in many different ways.I try to take advantage of many of them, but there are always more!

  19. This is so great! I will definitely participate in your challenge!. Today I made chicken soup and home made chocolate chip cookies to deliver to a friend who is undergoing radiation for breast cancer. I think I get more out of giving than the recipient! Thanks for these great reminders to shift our focus to the things that matter.

  20. Hello GennyAVT Coach recommended this blog on her ‘3 sites to see’ post.She said it was an inspirational blog and upon reading a few of your posts I concur.I am very fortunate at this stage of my life to be able to give of my time, money and thoughts to others…..it feeds my soul!One of the other comments above wrote ‘Imagine if when I woke up instead of saying, how can I make my day better, I said, how can I make someone’s day better?’….now that is food for thought!All the bestPeggy

  21. Hi Genny-I received the book One Month to Live over the weekend!Thank you so much. My one month post is up today and i linked it to your first post!!Great post and attitude!Laura

  22. Genny,So I participated in your “what would you do” a couple weeks ago and I have been thinking about it often since, and then I got a phone call this morning from my dear friend I have known my entire life, she was diagnosed with breast cancer today, at 32 y/o. It does not look good and here she is with 3 small children. What an emotional wreck I was and through the day I kept thinking about it and I remembered I needed to laugh. The only way for us to get through this is through prayer and laughter so who would have thought I would actually have to practice what I preach? So my heart is heavy right now and I am trying to laugh. And then I found a hilarious t-shirt that read, “heck yeah, they are fake, my real one’s nearly cost me my life!” I needed that…:-)Thanks for the exercise.

  23. Your story about Ted is one of my favorites! I bought Pizza for a coworker this weekend. Does that count? :)

  24. This reminds me of something Mother Theresa said: “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”It is so true!

  25. I thought this was great Genny. What a wonderful and encouraging perspective! Wish I could do that… lol..someday!God bless-Amanda

  26. I am loving your “one month to live” posts. The season I am in in my life right now really only allows me to serve in the little ways. Thanks for reminding me how much they mean to others.

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