Over at 5MinutesforMom with a free gift for moms!

I’m sitting here as I write this, thinking of you on the other end of the screen.

You, the mom who might be grabbing a few minutes to read while your kids are napping or at school, or while you’re standing in line at the store.

You, the mom (especially at this time of year) who might be feeling worn out, stretched thin, and longing for more peace, more quiet, more joy, more… something.

Being a mom can make you feel like that, I know.

So today I want to remind you, as you make that mad dash to the mall to find the perfect gift for your daughter, or as you stay up late baking cookies for your son’s class party, or as you wrap gifts and decorate the house and take your kids to look at Christmas lights… that it’s all worth it…

profile_imageStop by 5MinutesforMom to read more and find out about a free gift for moms. No catch, just a gift for you, for all you do! Be sure to browse a while over there too–it’s an amazing site packed with resources and tips for moms!