Ears for Isaac (and a conversation in my kitchen – part 2)

Today for Mom-Monday, I’m sharing more of my conversation with my friend Aaron (filmed by his friend Jason, who is also the videographer behind Ears for Isaac).

(In this clip, Aaron shares more about the journey he and his wife Teresa went through with their son Isaac, how very real God became to them during that time, how his life changed in an instant, and more about the hope behind the full length documentary they are filming about their son.)

*If you missed last week’s post, be sure to click here to get caught up on these conversations in my kitchen, and here to learn more about Ears for Isaac.

As I said before, I know you’ll be touched by Aaron and Teresa’s story–by their courage, their questions, and their heartache. They didn’t set out to be an inspiring family, but, believe me…

they are.

And it’s my hope that in their story, you will find comfort and strength of your own.

Please take a minute to watch the video below, and share it. I believe with all my heart that other families will be comforted by their story as they move forward with this.

I look forward to sharing more next Monday!

More about Ears for Isaac, from Aaron:

1. Ears for Isaac is a documentary film currently in pre-production and set to begin filing at the end of March 2013. It is intended to bring hope and encouragement to any family who has lost a child or is preparing to do so through hospice. Our desire is to acknowledge that God offered peace and joy in the middle of tragedy and to honor our son as a part of our family. Our hope is to encourage other families facing tragedy by sharing Isaac’s story and offering them a small token once a year to remind them they are not alone.

2. While Ears for Isaac is a film, it also serves as an announcement that through the EarsForIsaac.com website families who have lost a child under the age of two due to genetic or non-genetic birth defects can share their story and receive a letter of encouragement from Teresa and I once a year. This will be launching after the film is done.

3.We need support in order to make this movie and launch the website. Support can come financially or by just spreading the word to a family in need.

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