A New Year’s Question: What do you put your faith in?

I was at the grocery store the other day standing in line when I happened to see a young mom by the lottery ticket machine. She was small with wispy blond hair and she looked about eight months pregnant. She was darling.

One hand rested on her belly as the other hand pushed the buttons on the machine.

As I finished in line and passed her on my way out, I was struck by the hope I saw in her eyes as she bought those tickets. And I could just picture what she was thinking…

I hope I win… It would mean better times for me and my baby. Things would be easier. Life would be great.

I could imagine how a winning ticket would ease the worries and uncertainties that come with preparing to take on the responsibility of a new life. I could see the excitement and anticipation that was going on inside her head as she picked her numbers. And while I don’t really know what the woman’s financial situation was or what a winning lottery ticket would  mean to her, I do know the hope I saw on her face.

Because we all have that hope for our future, and for the future of our kids. We all imagine and want the best for our families. We long…. READ MORE over at 5MinutesforFaith today. I hope to see you there, and Happy New Year!