Being a writer involves a lot of waiting.It is can be weeks–usually months–from the time you submit a manuscript to an editor until the time you hear back. As a not-so-naturally-patient person, this part of the writer’s life has taken some getting used to for me.

Recently, when an editor was interested in one of my manuscripts and asked to see the whole thing, I eagerly sent it off.
Three months turned into six… and I wondered if my work was on her desk waiting to be read or if she already decided whether she liked it or not. (NO negativity towards editors here; they are busy and, after years of being a writer, I know that time is just part of the process.)
One day, after the six-month mark had passed, I woke up and prayed for an answer to come about my manuscript—that day. I was prepared either way, I promised God. I just needed to…
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