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Happy Friday, everyone! I’m joining Jennifer in 7 Quick Takes today. After being “away” last week working on writing deadlines, I feel like there’s a lot to share…

1. Just an fyi about some upcoming changes around here. I’ve been looking into migrating my blog from Blogger to WordPress for a while now (I’m still having issues with comments on Blogger) and I finally decided that I’m going to make the move. I’m also going to have my writing/speaking website ( combined with my blog here so I’ll have one home on the web, instead of two. Even though you’ll see a few changes in November, most of it will be behind the scenes. After everything is said and done, if you type in, it will simply forward to, and you’ll still get updates if you’re a subscriber or a follower. I’m super excited about the upcoming changes!

2. Also on a blogging note, I thought this post over at Facebook was good: The Five Worst Ways to Title a Blog Post. Worth the read! (I changed the title of this post because of it… not sure if my title is better now or not, lol!)

3. So much has been happening at Courage to Be You, the non-profit I volunteer for.

The Courage Concert a few weeks ago was amazing and the Awards Gala last Sunday night was incredible. Truly. I’ll be sharing more about C2BU in future posts, but in the meantime, take a minute to stop by our website and browse around. So many things are happening to help rescue and restore children out of trafficking and I’m honored to be part of this amazing organization. Lives are being changed, including the lives of volunteers. (I know mine has changed!) I can’t wait to tell you more about how I originally got involved and what’s happened since then… future posts to come!

4. Switching topics… Holy tomatoes! My sister-in-law gave us a huge box of tomatoes  on a recent visit and I couldn’t be happier. I made the biggest batch of pasta sauce I’ve ever made (I have four containers of it in the freezer) and it’s so good. There’s nothing like fresh, ripe, garden tomatoes!

Aren’t they gorgeous? And this is only a third of them!

5. Such a fun thing to share: remember when my daughter and I went to the pound to “look” at cats and ended up coming home with Charlie? Well, we went to the pound again a few weeks ago, but this time the cat was for my sister-in-law.  Meet Moe:

Isn’t he cute? (My daughter had so much fun helping to pick him out!)

6. Have you seen this video In God’s Heart I Am? It’s inspired by Holley Gerth’s beautiful book God’s Heart for You. Take a few minutes to watch the video (get out the Kleenex… it s powerful!), then head over to and share your own word, or read more about Holley’s book at In(Courage). (Click here if the video isn’t showing below.) Inspiring!


  7. Last, a totally random tip: I found a free online file conversion site I wanted to share with you. It’s called Zamzar and it’s really cool. I needed to convert a PDF file and wasn’t able to do it on my computer, so I sent it to this free site and got it back, converted, in my email within a couple of hours. It was great! (I’m not getting any perks to tell you about this; I just thought this tool was great and wanted to tell you about it.)

Have a fun weekend, everyone! Don’t forget to stop by for Mom-Monday. I’ll be sharing a powerful mom-story from one of my friends, Shannon. It will tug at your heart and have you nodding your head in agreement at how hard it is to be a mom sometimes, but it will also inspire you and remind you that even though doing the right thing isn’t always easy, it’s still the right thing. See you soon!


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