183-calorie burgers, good storytelling, and getting yourself out of the fast lane

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m joining Jennifer in 7 Quick Takes again today…

1. Thanks to those of you who have been sending me your mom-stories! Keep them coming! I’ve loved reading them, and I’m keeping submissions open through August 8th. (I’ll email you if your story fits the book and if I’m interested in including it.)
2. I saw this in a newsletter I got in email this week: “Enjoy a 183-calorie burger at your next barbecue”… and I had to check it out. I don’t count calories, but I love barbecuing (not that I know how to grill; Mike does that part), and I love burgers, especially healthier ones. The burger recipe in the article has spinach, lemon, and garlic in it, and it actually sounds really good. I think I’m going to try making it, although I’ll probably use ciabatta bread for buns, instead of the whole wheat ones they recommend. :) 

3.Another thing that grabbed my attention (when I was reading the 183-calorie burger thing) was this farmer’s market recipe site. (No, I’m not getting anything for plugging these sites, I just love farmer’s markets and after browsing through the website, I wanted to share it with you.) There’s a recipe for a Greek salad that sounds really good! A perfect use for juicy, ripe tomatoes.

4. On a totally different note, I ran across a great article over at ProBlogger this week: What Drama Musicals can Teach Us About Great Blog Writing. It makes some really good points, not only for blogging, but for storytelling in general.

5. Also along the lines of writing, my friend Gina Conroy recently launched her own writing critique service! I’m so excited for her, and her summer special looks great! She offers one page critiques, contest and conference critiques, and her rates are extremely affordable. Make sure to stop by her site and check it out!

6. If you’re like me and you always have a million things on your plate at any given time, I highly recommend reading this great reminder over at 5MinutesforFaith (written by my friend Barbie):  Life in the Fast Lane. I’m sure it was no accident that I happened to read the post at the end of a  particularly life-in-the-fast-lane-ish day. I sooo needed the reminder that everything does not have to be done now. :)

7. More inspiring reads–from the beautiful women at (in)courage–for your weekend:

I am a nobody and I’m proud of it

What finding yourself truly means

16 Ways to find personal rest

Have a great weekend, everyone! Do you have any fun plans? We have another swim meet. :)

I’ll see you back here for Mom-Monday!


  1. I'm still trying to determine if I have a mom story for you. I must check out that 183 calorie burger. Thanks for the shout out my friend! God has prefect timing and I am thankful that post landed in your lap right when you needed it.

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