The weather!

You would never know it’s June by the way the weather has been in Northern California lately!

Just last week, at a time we normally hit the 90’s, we got torrential storms and hail instead. All day at my daughter’s swim meet on Saturday, it poured. (Everyone was huddled under pop-ups and in cars in between races, trying to stay warm. It was a looong day!)

But, in spite of the cold (and miserable) swim meet,  all the weird weather has sure made for some beautiful skies…

The sky from one of our upstairs windows, just after a storm.


How about you? What’s the weather been like where you are? I pray none of you were affected by the recent tornadoes. (We have friends who have friends in Joplin, and hearing about the devastation there has been heartbreaking.)

*To donate to the Greater Ozarks Regional Chapter of the Red Cross, which serves Joplin, MO, click here.

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  1. those pictures are amazing, especially that first one…uh-maze-zing!our weather here in Washington has been super fickle, we had a gorgeous weekend and monday and now today it is all overcast…but, this is after we have had a WET april and may!

  2. Beautiful photos! We must have a weather-swap going…you're cool temps, hail, rain in Northern California and our 102 degrees and significant winds today in Minnesota! We should be back to the 70s tomorrow and mid-60s by end of the week. Seems like the country is certainly going through some strange weather patterns lately.Hope you're doing well. Are you celebrating this last day of school?Peace and blessings.Jeanine

  3. Seems to be crazy weather everywhere, but I couldn't agree more about the beautiful photo ops. We've been HOT but it's supposed to storm and drop 20 degrees tomorrow. lol.

  4. It's so wierd to hear about hot weather (Jeanine – 102!) because it has just been so cold lately! I am craving sunshine and it's finally starting to peek its head out today! :)

  5. Look at those skies! Gorgeous photos! We've had WAY mild days. Definitely not as warm as it normally is.

  6. I am never able to capture those stormy skies in a way that makes it seem as dramatic as it was in person. That first photo sure is a stunner! Happy Wednesday!

  7. What evocative pictures! Popping by and following you from the blog hop. Have an awesome day! And when you get a chance come on by and check out my blog.CharThe Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom

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  9. Those are beautiful pictures! The weather has been really hot here. It's been in the 80's and 90's, and we nearly reached 100 last week. These are temps that we don't normally experience until late July and August!

  10. I know; crazy weather all around! Jeanine, we didn't really celebrate the last day of school, other than the kids had school parties, but today they are having so much fun–swimming and playing in the trampoline! :)

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