Something borrowed, something new

Remember the Robin’s nest I told you about in the tree in our front yard?


A couple weeks ago, we had another bird try to make a nest on the balcony outside my daughter’s window:


It didn’t work out so well because of the holes in the balcony. (The grass kept falling to the ground.)

Still, the bird persisted.

She sat in the nest (no matter how sparse it was), and even laid an egg.

For few days, she warmed her egg, faithful as ever.

And then it started to rain.

The balcony isn’t covered and the nest was exposed to the wind and rain. Sadly, after a little while, the mama flew away, abandoning her egg.

Then, something happened.

My daughter opened her window to check on the nest the day after the storm.

And the egg was gone.

At first, we thought it had fallen to the ground, but there was no sign of it. Then we thought, even though balcony is on our second story, maybe a predator go to it.

Until we saw this:


Just thirty feet away, in a nest in a tree on our front lawn–the very same nest and the very same tree that the Robin lived in last summer–sat the mama bird, as content as ever.

And even though we can’t tell for sure, because she never leaves her new nest, my daughter is convinced that she found a way to move her egg from the old nest to the new one.

More likely, she laid a new egg in her new nest,

but it’s been fun to watch,

and even more fun to wonder… :)

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  1. So beautiful and so sweet. You must be very patient to sit and wait for just the right shot. Well done.

  2. What a sweet story! Can't wait to see photos of what hatches…and if there will be more than one little birdie for that momma bird.Peace and blessings to you.Jeanine

  3. Birds are so fascinating to me. We actually have a cardinal couple that return to the same spot every single year. I read up and cardinals may keep the same mate for their lifetime. And recently they moved their eggs. I'm not sure how they did it. Fun story. Thanks for sharing and linkin up!

  4. I have never seen a robin's egg in real life before. I love the blue eggs in your photo. It's so exciting to see the birds and their nests. Last WW, I posted pix of eggs that my daughter found in our yard…we think their snake eggs. YUCK!

  5. so sweet … gave me little chillbumps at the end … such sweet childlike faith! :)

  6. Such a sweet, sweet story! awesome photo of the bird on the nest!

  7. Lovely :)HEartwarmingly warm and fuzzy; just what i needed – love the pic of that proud birdie mama.x

  8. Oh, that's so sweet! How lucky that the chose to build their nest in your yard. What a treat for you. :)

  9. we have a bird's nest RIGHT outside out front door and her babies must be ready to hatch because we're "not allowed" to go out there right now.Great shots! Enjoy watching the babies :)

  10. very nice shot !I wonder if you're gonna snap some pics when the baby bird finally sees the world =)

  11. Hi from your newest follower/s now google following and facebook following,via w.wednesday Karima

  12. I love this! I have been watching the Norfolk Bald Eagle Cam since before the baby eggs were laid. There was a tradgey at the next a few weeks back and the babies were moved to the Wild Life Preserve. I can't quit watching!!

  13. That is so beautiful. The wonderful things that nature brings. Love all the pictures.Visit my castle- www.

  14. We use to have Doves outside our back sliding door at our old home. They would come and next every year. I hope the mamma bird has moved her egg and is sitting on it.

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