1. I haven't seen one blossom around here yet…in fact, it snowed this morning. Bahhhh. Your picture, however, is beeeeeeautiful.

  2. Oh how I need to claim that verse right now and believe God is working in ways I cannot see. Thanks for the reminder Genny. Blessings,Joy

  3. Sorry about the snow where you are at… :) The trees are in full bloom here where I'm at in CA (although there is rain in the forecast tomorrow)!

  4. Lovely photo! I love springtime and the promises of new things that it brings.

  5. Pretty to look at, just wish it didn't cause havoc to my sinuses.

  6. Beautiful Picture! One son was born on the first day of Spring and one the first day of fall! I am so glad Spring is finally here. Am loving the warm evenings!

  7. Beautiful! I'm feeling very jealous seeing all of these beautiful WW posts with blossom, we don't have any yet!

  8. wow what a beautiful picture! Btw I am stopping by from MBC, I hope you follow me back!

  9. Hey…our trees in Minnesota look like that, too…but instead of white flowers it's white SNOW! Trade ya'!Peace and blessings, friend.Jeanine

  10. Genny, this is an encouraging verse and beautiful photo! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  11. yes, whata glorious sight, we have them here too!! Spring, is springing!! xo LA

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