Becoming a butterfly…

We ordered them from a catalog:

Five very small and not-so-beautiful caterpillars.

As the days passed, they grew.
Crowded in their plastic house, they clamored over each other,
inching along, but not really going anywhere.

After what seemed like forever, they became chrysalises,
beautiful butterflies.
Isn’t that how it is with us sometimes?
Something happens in our lives and we feel small
and insignificant.
We inch along,
 clamoring over each other,
bumping against walls,
going nowhere.
Then one day,
we stop,
or fall,
or fail.
We might even wrap tightly in a cacoon.
And it is in that very place where we begin to change.
maybe tumultous,
sometimes delicate
Then, after what might seem like a forever wait,
we start to see things in a new way.
We spread our wings
and all that has been holding us back
suddenly loosens.
And as we leave the place we’ve rested in,
and venture into possibility,
we take flight
and soar.
May nothing be holding you back from possibility and soaring. Have a beautiful weekend! :)
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  1. I love butterflies. I often feel small and insignificant. I know there is a beautiful spirit just waiting to be set free deep inside of me!

  2. That was wonderfully written. I think about butterflies every time I see my kids passing those inevitable milestones, on their way to flight.

  3. Beautiful. I especially love this…"Then, after what might seem like a forever wait,we start to see things in a new way.We spread our wingsand all that has been holding us back suddenly loosens."I just love how you describe all that was holding us back suddenly loosening so we can finally take flight. :)

  4. Well, I'm not so sure about the beautiful 'after' but right now I sure feel as though I am curling up in my own cacoon and honestly, I don't care if I ever come out. Sometimes I think maybe there really isn't much of life after that locked away season!

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