Little Star – A Christmas Book

I love Christmas books.

We have a collection of them in our house and we have fun getting them out every year and reading them together.

So when Anthony DeStefano (author of Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To) recently contacted me about his latest book, Little Star, I was thrilled.

It’s a Christmas story for young children, and it’s darling.

The book starts out with a little boy looking up into the night sky, searching for the Christmas star.

His dad tells him he won’t find the star because it’s not up in the sky anymore. And then he tells the boy the story of Little Star – the smallest star in the sky that ended up doing a very big thing on Christmas morning.

It’s a story about sacrifice and the true meaning of Christmas, and it’s one that kids will love to read year after year. 

The illustrations by Marc Elliott are beautiful and Anthony’s story about why people all over the world place a star on top of their tree each Christmas to remember Jesus’ birthday is sweet and touching. If you get a minute, check it out. You’ll be glad you did. :)

What about you? Do you have a collection of Christmas or holiday books too? Which one is your favorite?

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid post (although I did receive a copy of Anthony’s book to read). I just think it’s a sweet Christmas book and wanted to share it with you.


  1. I just heard about this book today on the radio. I think. Was the author, a young man, of 15 years old, when he wrote this?Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas…

  2. I too love Christmas books, especially ones centered around the real meaning of Christmas. I purchase a new book each year and keep them out all the time. I had not heard of this book and look forward to checking it out. It seems the past couple of years I have been unable to find anything 'new' to add to my collection:)

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