It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I love this time of year…

One of my favorite things about decorating for Christmas is the ornaments and how each one of them holds special meaning. (I gave Mike that little silver shoe in the photo when I was pregnant with our daughter–our first baby. There’s a heart that hangs from the shoe that says Daddy. I still remember the night I gave it to him.)

What about you? Is there something about the holidays–a tradition, decorations, a recipe–that holds special meaning for you and your family?

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  1. I do LOVE the memories that the ornaments bring. I also love baking! :D Merry Christmas!

  2. Lovely photos! (makes me wish I had a better camera.)I love the ornaments as well. I always buy really special ones for the kids (but this year we had to not place them on the tree because my son is into grabbing & throwing the decorations. UGH)

  3. One of my sons is very creative and he made my husband (who's birthday is Dec. 20th) 3-d soldiers for the Christmas three. I really love them and take special care of them every year.

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  5. I too love the meaning of our ornaments and I actually have a post in the making about it!I simply love the magic the children feel and how easily it rubs off onto the parents. I love our tradition of getting together to make tamales. I love just being amongst our friends and families and celebrating!

  6. Your ornaments are beautiful. :)We made paper ornaments with the kids and although these are shabby-looking compared to the glittery and shiny Christmas baubles, these are the ones that really tugs at my heart. :)

  7. I love homemade ornaments… how fun to hear about some of yours. And Flying Giggles… I just read a post at Nathan Bransford's blog about tamales on Christmas! :)

  8. I love your ornaments, they're gorgeous. I love picking up decorations when I am on holidays as there's such pleasure when I hang them on the tree reminiscing about past holidays.

  9. Although it can be exhausting there isn't really anything about the holidays I don't like. The lights, decorations, music, entertaining, cooking…I enjoy it all. Even the crowded malls!

  10. Just leaving you a quick note to say hello. Between snow storms, a sick household and Christmas preparations (we'll just combine all that and call it "Sn-ick-mas") I've been reading blogs but haven't had the energy to comment.Sounds like your Christmas preparations are in full-swing. Hope the jolly has been filling your home and hearts in preparation for this beautiful CHRISTmas season!Peace and blessings to your day!Jeanine

  11. We don't have a lot of decorations that we use to celebrate.I just love being with my family and its my time to really fix a BIG meal for all to enjoy.I pray you have a wonderful CHRISTmas!

  12. Those are beautiful decorations! I love looking through ornaments and remembering where they came from. So many wonderful memories.

  13. I actually love to make and give out ornaments to my neighbors as a gift. Each year I save one for each of my kids too!

  14. I love opening the rubber maids that hold my Christmas ornaments. It's like seeing old friends all over again. Each ornament holds a special place in my heart. From the antique wooden ones that belonged to my husband or the snowflakes I bought while on vacation and the ones I bought for my boys when they were born. I love everything about decorating the tree. It just makes me happy.

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