1. I'm always jealous of people who can capture beautiful photos of nature like these. I just don't have the patience for being in nature!

  2. what beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!~Dorcas

  3. HaB

    They are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love this time to year – the flowers are just amazing!

  4. a short walk through our teeny neighborhood reveals some gorgeous flowers that I never notice but my tot always does

  5. I can never resist shooting photos of flowers and yours are gorgeous!

  6. I love this time of year too; thanks for the sweet comments everyone! :)

  7. Have you been to the Eastern Side of the Sierras? South of Carson City to Mammoth? That is were we used to live – Bridgeport !! All of that area is gorgeous with flowers in the spring and early summer and now headed for the glorious colors of fall – I miss it so much. Not many color changes here in AZ:(Great Pics!!!

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