Crytsal clear and gorgeous…

I love Lake Tahoe and was really glad to make it up there more than a few times this summer.

The bike ride that Mike and I went on near North Shore was beautiful, I had a great time with friends one weekend, and the kids still talk about the hike we took them on.

I came across more Tahoe photos on my computer the other day and thought I’d share a few for Wordless Wednesday. I’d forgotten that I took these close-ups of the water. It was so gorgeous and clear…

First, here’s where we were (on a beach near Incline Village)

And here are the close-ups…

Doesn’t it look refreshing? It makes me want to go there again… The weather where I’m at in CA has been HOT this week!

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  1. Beautiful photos – I would love to visit there some time!MIKI

  2. I loved Lake Tahoe on our holiday- it is a very special place, lovely post- thanks!In His Grace,C

  3. That clear water is so beautiful and I love the rocks too! Definitely a refreshing sight…

  4. Beautiful! I'm enjoying my "visits" to California through your blog. The other I overheard my kids talking with a friend about some of their favorite places and Parker said, "California!" He's only been there once and it was to San Diego. Oh how I would love to some day have an opportunity to explore your state even more…especially in the winter when it's REALLY cold here!Peace and blessings to your day!Jeanine

  5. Beautiful shots and yes, they do look very refreshing. It's been so hot here in FL too. Scooch over and make room for me in that water. ;-)

  6. Beautiful photos, and right now I could jump in that water. Hasn't it been just too hot here this week? I long for real Fall weather!

  7. Barbie – I am SO with you! I've had enough of the heat, for sure! :)

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