Those jeans are workin’ for ya!

I went to a Girlfriends’ Night Out with some friends a while ago where Kathy Lipp (author of The Marriage Project and The Husband Project) was speaking.

She talked about keeping your marriage alive and shared some great (and hilarious) stories and tips.

One of the things she suggested was writing your husband notes–saying simple things (“I love you”) or complimenting him (“Those jeans are workin’ for ya!”). It was a great reminder to be intentional about keeping the spark alive.

Fast-forward a couple weeks later, and Mike and I were at our son’s baseball game…

I was sitting on the bleachers and Mike was standing in front of me, down by the field.

I looked at him and thought,

Well, those jeans really are working for him.

So I got out my phone and sent him a text, saying that.

I watched and waited for him to get the text, but he was too into the game to hear his phone.

I figured he’d get it later.



when our daughter was playing with his phone, she was the one who got it, not him.

(“What does that mean?”– her face all scrunched up.)

So I guess the moral of the story is,


write your husband notes

and cards

and send him texts to make him feel good,

but just make sure he’s the one who gets them. Ha! :)


Have a great weekend, everyone! Do you have any fun plans? We’ve got a soccer tournament and it’s supposed to be 105 degrees. Looking forward to it, but I think we’ll be melting!

See you back here on Mom-Monday!


  1. Hi there, Found you on the GFC Followers group on Mom Bloggers Club. I'm now following you, please follow back when you have a chance (if you aren't already). Thanks!I'm looking forward to reading your updates! :)annalene

  2. ROFL, that is too funny.Kudos on the initiative though.———————————–My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  3. Hahaahaaa! Hilarious!I like to ogle my husband. It makes him feel sexy. The downside is that my ogling makes him think I'm ready for a certain something when I'm not. LOL

  4. Oh my gosh…that's funny! One day when Scott and I were sitting in our office at home…back to back at our desks…I decided to instant-message him a message that said, "Hi! How's your day?" I could hear him start to chuckle when he read it and before you know it we were IM-ing each other sitting back to back at our desks…just for the fun and silliness of it all.Thanks for the reminder on how to keep that spark going. Sometimes it fizzles out in the busyness and chaos of life.Hope you have a great weekend in store for you. We'll be shoveling landscaping rock here in MN!Peace and blessings to your day!Jeanine

  5. Oh that is priceless!!! I love everything about it. :)Be blessed!Amanda

  6. Aww thats so sweet. We often forget to praise our significant others. Thanks for the reminder (=

  7. That's too funny…Bet, it made for some really good laughs… later on. Knowing it was totally the thought that counts. Think about the impact that it might have made on your daughter – knowing that her parents are still "really into each other" and not too "old-fashioned",not to "play" with each other in public-ish. I think you know what I mean.

  8. Hi Genny — Stopping by and following from MBC!Great story and good reminder in general to throw some attention hubby's way!Dee :D

  9. Nice! Too funny. Yes, life gets harder not only when those little ones can spell, but when they know how to get into the inbox on your cell phone!

  10. Oh this is funny! I wish my husband would learn to text so that I could send him love notes all day long!

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