1. And I am sure they will cherish these memories for many years to come :) !!And on a frog side note, while I was in Hallmark yesterday, on their counter they were selling little aquariums, each with 2 frogs and a snail. Cute, but odd for Hallmark?!

  2. Wow, that's a whole lot of little frogs there. It reminds me of when my brothers and I use to go down to the creek that ran under the freeway near our home and catch tadpoles.

  3. That is A LOT of froggies! It kind of gives me the eebie-jeebies!!! What fun for your kiddos!

  4. Wow that is a lot of frogs. We don't see a lot of frogs. I think the snakes eat them. LOL!Have a great day my friend.Kim

  5. Hilarious! We have neighbors who catch things in the creek that I never even see. I don't know how they do it. Things like snapping turtles. Big ones. Two at a time. One morning they were clawing at the edge of a plastic tub at 5:50a.m. when I came back from running, and the sound of it nearly made me scream, it was so creepy. lol

  6. My brother once got a bunch of frog eggs from the pond down the street, put it in a kiddie-pool full of pond water, and raised tadpoles into frogs. We had frogs all over the back yard. I think he eventually rounded them up and returned them to the pond.

  7. Oh, my! That's a lot of frogs! It reminds me of our five-year old little neighbor boy who is always on the hunt for frogs. At our old house (just a few doors down from our current new house) this little guy would ring our doorbell to enlist my help…no one else…to check for frogs in our one window well. So…I'd walk out with him, we'd look down into the window well and if he saw frogs I would lower him down and then pull him back up. Even now at our new house, if he sees me he will call me down to check out a new frog or snake or insect/creature of some sort…all while knowing that I am terrified of frogs, snakes and creepy-crawlies. He's SO DARN CUTE, though, that I have a very difficult time resisting him :)Peace and blessings to your day.Jeanine

  8. Holy bucket o' frogs!!!I guess we know what the frogs in the country are doing. :)Oh to be a kid again!!!

  9. Holy bucket o' frogs!!!I guess we know what the frogs in the country are doing. :)Oh to be a kid again!!!

  10. Wowee that's alot of frogs! I surely do miss my kid days catching spring peepers down by the creek. *sigh* The memories! :)

  11. Amy

    Wow! How fun for your kids, though. Reminds me of all the eensy weensy frogs we used to catch when I was little!

  12. That's a lot of frogs! A couple of frogs left eggs in our pool. We scooped them out and now we're watching the tadpoles grow. Not sure what we'll do with them when they get as big as yours!

  13. Oh my..LOL..My daughter catches lizards, although thankfully she has never caught as many as the frogs I'm seeing here. When I was young, I used to catch tadpoles then got sad when they all eventually turned into frogs and disappeared. I'm now following from over at MBC. Come visit me when you have time.

  14. They are so cute and tiny. But I can see why you would not want all of them to come home with you. :)

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