Photographs into sketches…

I was walking down our hallway the other day when the pictures on the wall caught my eye for the first time in a long time. 
Actually, they aren’t pictures anymore (they used to be, but I had them drawn into pencil sketches):
(Mike and our son–about two at the time–fishing)

(Me with our daughter on Easter when she was about three or four)

I stood there and looked at them for at least a couple of minutes, remembering those times, and remembering how little the kids used to be.

And I was so glad I had the sketches done.

I can’t remember the company that did them–I think it was through a catalog–but there are a lot of places that turn photos into sketches or paintings (like here and here). (By the way, this post isn’t a review or ad in any way; I just realized how glad I was to have these sketches as keepsakes and wanted to share!)

I think doing something like this with photos is a fun way to capture special memories, and it’s a great gift idea too. (I think I had these done for Father’s Day for Mike one year). And if you frame them yourself, which is what I did, it’s really not that expensive.  :)

What about you? Have you had this done to any of your photos? Or do you have any other fun ways you’ve used photographs to preserve memories?

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  1. Those are AMAZING! I would love to have a really great shot of my boys done like that….now I just need to get a really great shot of my boys! =)

  2. Those are truly beautiful. A picture is special, but that is even more so. Nice!

  3. Those are awesome! Beautiful. I just received Corel's Paint It and you can do the same thing with the software! I'm loving it.~Mimi @ Woven by Words

  4. At first, I thought you drew them. lol Those are gorgeous. What a great idea! Filing away that idea for Christmas gifts. ;-)

  5. Gorgeous photos and love the pencil sketching. I have heard about people doing it, but never really seen it. Would make a really great gift for a family member.

  6. Those are beautiful! Seriously. What a treasure!Ever since we moved so far from family and friends, I've done the family newsletter thing once or twice a year. I fill each one with highlights and snapshots of our lives, and make two extra copies. One goes in our family album. And one gets framed and added to our hallway. So I do the same thing sometimes. Just stop and remember…:)

  7. Anything like this is worth it. When I was a senior in high school we had a dad/daughter dance. I was the last of three and my parents were separating and going through a rotten divorce. When school told us we needed a picture for the dad/daughter dance of the two of us…I couldn't find one. I was mad. And embarrassed. I have my first little one and although I'm sure we're over doing it with the keepsakes and such- I don't care. Mugs for everyone! For Every kid!

  8. Those are nice sketches! There's a certain feel to them that's different from an actual photograph, can't put a finger on it yet…

  9. What a great way to capture those special moments, I really like the way these turned out.

  10. Beautiful Sketches! What precious memories you have to keep in such a beautiful artistic form! Those are amazing!Following you from MBC!! :-)

  11. I love the sketches…they are beautiful! I want to do this to some photos as well. We are taking family pictures next weekend and I am hoping some of them come out sketch worthy.

  12. I haven't had this done, but I've thought about it. Last time I checked Photo Fiddle did it and it wasn't crazy expensive!

  13. Great sketches and excellent reminders.They do grow fast, don't they? SIgh.Blessings!

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