It almost looked like the real thing

There’s this great little country coffee house not too far from where we live.

I love it because it has delicious coffee.

My kids love it because they can run around and play; there are picnic tables, a Bocce Ball court, rocks to climb on, and a little path that winds around through beautiful plants and flowers.

A couple weeks ago, my daughter decided to make a replica of the place:

flower farm loomis CA
(In case you can’t tell, that’s an upside-down mannequin in the pond, with red stockings on. And that’s the Bocce Ball court and the truck with eyes.)
I was impressed.
It almost look like the real thing…

flower farm loomis

(There’s the mannequin in the pond, except they changed her outfit recently. Now she’s wearing slippers!)

flower farm loomis

(There’s the truck, and it really does have eyes on it.)

flower farm ca

(And there’s Bocce Ball court.)
The coolest thing was, when we brought my daughter’s replica to the coffee shop (she wanted to give it them), the owner asked her to sign and date it then gave us all lunch on the house.
And then she proudly displayed it on the top of her counter for everyone to see.  :)
flower farm loomis


  1. So sweet, Genny! And I'm horrified to realize I missed your birthday! So sorry! Happy, Happy belated birthday!

  2. She is very creative that one! How absolutely sweet that the owners proudly displayed her art work and gave you some free eats on top of that. Do you think she could make me a replica of Nordstrom??

  3. Oh fun! That is so creative and lovely! And the owner was so kind! I bet your daughter loved it!Blessings!Camie

  4. That replica is AWESOME. Gracie would squeeeeeeel and BEG to do one of her own if she saw the pictures…and I may have to show her so she can. :)

  5. That is so neat. I bet you were just beaming with Mommy Pride! Such a great story!

  6. Your daughter did an amazing job making that replica. She's got a lot of talent, and a great eye for detail!

  7. Looks like a fun place to visit. How smart of your daughter to make that replica!

  8. Cute! Wish The Dudes had the patience required to construct something like that. Only if I promise to light it on fire afterward!

  9. That is so cool! Your daughter is really clever, and how sweet of the owner too. I wish I lived close enough to check out the Flower House too.

  10. Very Impressed!What a good eye… I love that fact she gave it to the owner… and then lunch on the house! Stick with her she will take you places for sure.she sound like a very compassionate daughter.My WW link for you

  11. Well how FUN is that?! Very clever daughter you have there…and sweet since she wanted to give it to the owner! Looks like a great place to enjoy…would love to see it some day!

  12. She did such a GREAT job on it! It does look like the real thing! And how cool the coffee shop asked her to sign it and put it proudly on display. I bet she's so proud! :)

  13. What a wonderful place and such a sweet story. Enjoy your coffee time:)

  14. As I was reading this I was thinking, 1) this would make a great school project and 2) the owner of the coffee shop would love it and might even give you a cup of coffee. Your daughter did a great job.I love unique coffee houses. They have character. Used to drink at one in Cody. After 10 years away, one thing I miss the most is that place.

  15. Oh my goodness Genny! That is SO cool! I am so glad she was honored in such a way. She totally deserved that! She did an amazing job! Wow!

  16. Ohh! I want a coffee shop like that. Not only is it delightful but the owner is wonderful. What a gift she gave your dd in taking her art seriously. What a special place!

  17. Ohh! I want a coffee shop like that. Not only is it delightful but the owner is wonderful. What a gift she gave your dd in taking her art seriously. What a special place!

  18. The replica your daughter created is just fabulous, she is indeed very creative and if I were the coffee shop owner I would display her art work with pride.Stopping by from VKT after reading about you there

  19. She did a wonderful job. Her attention to detail is notable.And I love how the owner responded! I bet her response made your daughter feel so special and talented. We need more people in the world like that!

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