Let’s get talking!

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Since the whole reason I started Talkin’ Thursdays was to help introduce blogs and get people “talking”, I wanted to make things easy today.

Rather than writing about a topic in order to add your link, simply link up any post on your blog and add your URL below.

The only requirement is that you stop by as many blogs on the list as you can and leave a comment to say hi.

It’ll be easy and fun!

I’m looking forward to seeing what you are talking about!  :)


  1. Ugh! The pressure of what to pick. Do you want funny? Crafty? Informational? AHHHHH! LOL! I can't handle pressure. Just feel free to stop by if you read this comment and feel sorry for me! Because I have a little bit of everything going on this week! Here's what you might find. An apron made out of my jeans, filling your own tea bags, a wonderful post about my Kleenex preference! LOL!Feel free to stop by and peruse.Hugs to you girl!Kim

  2. This is my first time participaing. I'm not going to put up a special post, but "just by me"! Thanks for the opportunity to meet new blogging friends!

  3. This is my first time participating in Talkin' Thursdays…I'm really loving all the blog posts I've been able to read so far. Thanks so much for hosting!!

  4. So glad you all joined in! I'm heading out for a bit, but will be back later and will look forward to stopping by and reading your posts.Hugs,Genny

  5. This is a great idea… and this happens to be a great day to catch up on blogging and reading new blogs.

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