And the whole crazy scene sort of reminded me of the time I woke up to crickets all over the house

I’m telling you, the pet adventures around here never end.

Just this morning, my daughter called me up to her room saying her fish Carl had died. I got the net, scooped him out of the tank, and put him in the toilet.

I was just about to flush when she screamed,

“Wait! He’s still breathing!”

Sure enough, even though he looked dead, his gills were still moving. Barely.

It wasn’t easy getting him out.

It turned out to be quite the scene, actually–me leaning over the toilet stirring the water with the net to create a current so Carl would hopefully get swished back up to where I could scoop him, my daughter standing over one shoulder screaming, “Poor Carl!” and my son standing over the other shoulder shouting, “Get him, Mom! Get him! You have to save him!”

It took twenty minutes (I was not reaching my hands in there), but we finally got him out.

And the whole crazy scene sort of reminded me of the time I woke up to crickets all over the house. :))


  1. Poor Carl! You're such a good mom for helping the little guy out.This post was so much fun to read. Thanks!

  2. Momisodes – He lived, but only for about five hours. And we went through all that… lol.

  3. Oh Genny, this post is just hilarious. The things we do for our kids. And the fact that your daughter's fish was named Carl just cracks me up. So, did he make it? As for the crickets — you are a far better mom than I. I would absolutely refuse to have frogs if they required live crickets. I remember my brothers having little containers of mealy worms in the fridge for their lizards. Eeewwww!!!Thanks for the chuckles!

  4. This makes me cringe even reading it the second time around! :)You are a brave momma!Blessings to you and your sweet family!Amanda

  5. Amanda – it made me cringe reading it too…lol! I'm not a huge fan of crickets. :)

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  7. Genny,
    I have a friend who supports a menagerie in her house, and I laughed all the way though this post. I can appreciate your approach…it’s all about just getting things done.
    Way to go, girl. Your children should appreciate the blessing…this mama does not do rodents and amphibians…
    Peace and good dreaming sister.

    1. Chelle, Thanks! I had to laugh reading your comment… because you must’ve been wondering what this has to do with God-sized dreams, lol! My link actually went to the wrong post, so I re-posted it over in FB. Sorry about that! But I’m glad you got a giggle!

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