The most gorgeous sunsets lately…

I don’t know if it’s the season, or the change in the weather, or what, but we’ve had the most gorgeous sunsets by our house lately. I just had to share this one, looking out from our front door…

Isn’t it beautiful?

So what’s the weather like where you’re at?

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  1. That is a gorgeous sunset! I just love when the weather gets colder and we get rewarded with such a beautiful end to the day.

  2. Wow. That is so beautiful! The weather here has been rainy! A little chilly for fall. The leaves are falling beautifully though. I am thankful for each new day. This was a nice post! I just adored your picture.

  3. I love sunsets like that! We've been having some pretty lovely skies around here too…when it's not raining. :)

  4. 80 degrees today; 50 degrees tomorrow.That's Arizona for you.I absolutely love it here. :)

  5. Beautiful. We haven't had many clouds lately so while we've been enjoying gorgeous weather the sunsets have been pretty drab.

  6. Oh wow!! That is simply beautiful! It is starting to get cold around here but I have not paid any attention to the sunset lately.

  7. In northeast ohio it is now cooling a bit after a beautiful week of high 60's low 70's. I think by Halloween it's gonna be highs in the 50's. *frown*LOVE your pics. I could look at sky pics all day.

  8. The weather is pretty good, still kind of hot. That's such an amazing sunset! I don't think ours are so nice,though the sunrise when I drive my son to school can be pretty beautiful.

  9. Those are just breathtaking!! I love the colors!! Great for a fall sky:-)

  10. Those really are some gorgeous skies. I just adore photographing majestic skies. No two are ever alike :) It's cold and rainy here. Typical fall weather!

  11. It's a typical October here in Indy. Rainy, coldish, and the trees are shedding leaves at an astonishing rate. The beautiful autumn foliage is short lived but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

  12. What a gorgeous sky! Unfortunately mother nature forgot to tell Florida it's fall and so we're still in the high 80's and it's sticky muggy. Ugggh! What I'd give for a cold snap!

  13. Wow, those are gorgeous sunset shots. Sometimes it seems that the only time we get really spectacular sunsets is during a wild fire.

  14. Breath taking! I love this time of year. But right now we are getting ready for some serious rain tomorrow and Friday. But this weekend for Halloween will be beautiful!!

  15. beautiful!! We just came back from a vacation through the mid west and it was cold but amazing. I love the chill…it's in the 70's here. I bit odd for Fall.

  16. Sue

    Gorgeous sunset pics, Genny! It's cool and today was drizzly so no sunset here :-(Have a wonderful and blessed Thursday!

  17. Hi, just dropping here from DIGG. Beautiful sunset photos! Love them! : )

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