A Nice Little Lunch Date…

My mother-in-law and I recently had lunch together at Pottery World.

You might not think a place that sells indoor and outdoor decorations would have a cafe inside, but it does.

And it has the best lunches too–great coffee, delicious sandwiches, and big salads. (This is the salad-trio I tweeted about that day)…

It was sooo good.
And our time together–relaxing and talking–was even better.

After we finished eating, we had a ton of fun browsing the store and looking at all the fall decorations. (It’s finally feeling like fall where I’m at in California and I couldn’t be happier!)

What about you? Have you taken time out for any fun get-togethers with friends or family lately? I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Oh my word, Genny, that salad looks delish — and how wonderful to spend time like that with your MIL. And I've never heard of Pottery World — how fun!

  2. It looks like you and your mother-in-law had an awesome time, and I loved the salad! YUM!Btw I came via 7 clown circus.Happy early WW!

  3. That salad looks delicious! And I love the picture of you and your mil!

  4. I love places like that. And how nice you have a MIL you like to spend time with. Mine lives 3000 miles away….but if she lived closer we would lunch!

  5. I was find time to sneak away. I need my grown-up time. My DH and I go on dates, we'll do couple nights with our friends, I'll go out with my GFs, and my mom and my sister and I love to do things together, just the girls.BTW..That salad looks AMAZING! YUM!Happy WW!

  6. Awww, you guys looks so cute! And that salad looked amazing. Almost made me think about eating it, almost. LOLI actually just went horseback riding with an acquaintance for the first time ever. It was SO fun and I'm still sore. ;-)

  7. It makes life so much easier when you have a good relationship with the MiL:-)

  8. Oh what a lovely photo of you both. That salad looks delicious! It's certainly looking and feeling like fall here in New England too. We hope to head out to do some apple picking soon :)

  9. Sue

    That is some salad you had Genny. Were you totally full afterward?Looks like you had a fun outing with your mother-in-law. A few weeks ago my MIL and I were out to lunch at a tearoom. Don't you feel so blessed to have a great MIL? (I'm assuming you do since you choose to spend time together – lol) I sure do!

  10. That salad looks so good!! I'm a sucker for salad with lots of extras!!

  11. The salad looks great!! I haven't really had any outings lately been working a lot and my girls have been sick:( Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

  12. I love finding fun places like this that aren't well known! It's so much fun to eat out without a crowd.

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