If you’ve been reading here a while, you might remember the five reasons why I think whiteboards are the greatest parenting tool ever. One day, you start writing your kids notes, and the next thing you know, they are writing you back…

It doesn’t matter that we didn’t ask our son if he wanted a dog, or whether he’d like a big or small one. It’s the sweet goodnight note and I love you that counts. :)

And after your kids start writing you notes, they start writing each other.

All on their own…

When my daughter found that note from my son on her whiteboard, I heard her go into his room and tell him she loved him too. It was one of those moments I wanted to bottle up and keep forever. Especially because it came on the heels of some pretty bad sibling squabbles.

If you don’t have whiteboards in your kids’ rooms, I highly recommend it. You’ll be surprised, entertained, and touched by some of the things you’ll see. :)

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25 Comments on Why I still think whiteboards are the greatest parenting tool ever…

  1. This is SO sweet! I'd thought about getting just one board to teach the kids some stuff, but I hadn't thought about getting them their own. They're a litte too young but this is an awesome idea for later!

  2. we have the white boards outside the rooms (the kind that peel and stick to the all) but my kids are so small still, I have to wait for these love notes!

  3. I. Love. It. I am so going out and getting some of those for my kids!And based on our current household drama, the dog notes would be numerous! :)

  4. Momma has mentored very well …. they have their very own facebook on the whiteboard. You could call it 'boardbook'. :)We have a chalk board cus with little kids, I was tire of wiping marker off doors, chairs, floors, babies …..

  5. How wonderfully precious!Let's not fight today??? Oh! Music to a mother's ears. (Or eyes, as the case may be.)Just lookin' around to see where I might be able to post a white board in here…

  6. I love those notes! I have been thinking that once our kids are old enough to actually write notes and not use the markers to write on things like walls and carpet I want to get wipe boards for their rooms!

  7. I love this post. So sweet. Mine, as well, as every parent's dream, is for my two boys to just love each other — and express it.How old were your kids when you had the white boards put up? Thanks and btw, Hi, Genny! Just stumbled on your wonderful blog!

  8. And then they go to college with their whiteboards, and continue writing notes. I just took my daughter to law school, and she asked me to buy her a new whiteboard. Old~and good~habits die hard, oui?

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