This Boring Job

My daughter is an organizer.

Like me.

We love to clean out drawers and rearrange things.

So when she told me yesterday that she wanted to clean out our gift closet (where we keep wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, etc.), I was thrilled.

I thought it’d be a great little project.

Until she took the bins out of the closet and emptied them onto the family room floor…

messy house(I don’t even know how all that stuff fit into those white bins in the background, but it did.)

“This is the way I clean,” she said proudly.

“Well, I hope so, because I’m not picking that up,” I told her.

An hour later, she was still sitting in the middle of the pile, tired of playing with bows and ribbons and gift accessories.

Tired of organizing.

And I knew what was coming…



“Can you help me clean this up?”

When I told her no, she decided to make the best of the situation. She danced around, tossing things into the bins, sorting and categorizing, and singing her own song to the tune of Julianne Hough’s My Hallelujah Song…

“This job… is way… too boring… foooor… meee. Too boring. Fooor… meeee…

I can’t believe… I am stuck…doing this… boring jooooob…

Doing this… boring jooooob…”

Thirty minutes later, only half the room was clean.

I shook my head, exasperated, and looked at the piles. “That is seriously…”

And she finished my sentence… “the best mess ever!”

Then she did a curtsy. :)



  1. Wow. My girls would have started crying telling me how HHAAAAAAARD it is and how they can't dooooooooooo itttttttttttttt alllllllone. None of my kids got my gene for organization. Breaks my heart. :)I'm so glad you played along today!

  2. LOL! My girls love to organize as well. But I know how that feels to dump everything out and think…..oh no!

  3. We love organizing stuff around our house too.I think my oldest daughter knew the word "organize" by the time she was 2! LOL. :)

  4. I think I have found myself in the middle of an organizing job that I just can't seem to get myself out of! But I just start throwing things away when that happens:o

  5. My husband does that when he cleans out the garage. He can't just organize it… nope, everything has to practically come out….. ~hopefully before it rains!~ :-)

  6. Well doesn't she just have the best attitude ever! I love her song. That is just the kind of thing I would do.So did she finish cleaning all that up?!

  7. So adorable!!! I loved how you both 'delighted' in the best mess ever…and the curtsy is priceless!Do we get to see the finished bins? :)Great to find you here Genny!

  8. LOL! Funny how we all do things differently, but good for you for having her take responsibility. :-) She sounds cute!

  9. What a funny story! Did she find any treasures as she was organizing?

  10. Ha! That's cute! I have those same bins in my closet and I am always amazed at how much stuff I can cram in, I mean neatly put away!

  11. I can't tell you how many times I have decided to reorganize and half way through I am tired and done with the mess…lol!! Great lesson to teach her to finish what she started. :0)

  12. Seems like you have a very sweet little lady. My dudes would have gone all psycho raving screaming crazy if I tried to make them clean that up. Thanks for stopping by my place today:)

  13. We just attempted some of that organization stuff in our house too. Attempted being the key word!

  14. I just think it's funny that you actually have a closet dedicated to gift-wrapping…and I've seen some pretty fine messes in my day, but yours is one of the prettiest.

  15. love the sassinessStopping by from SITS to say "hi" & invite you to our Jewelry Giveaway. We are a small charity made of men/women/kids who send cards to those battling cancer in hopes of lifting their spirits.Stop by & get in on this weeks giveaway and maybe even join us:)

  16. Unfortunately, my girls mess up their rooms, and then we just close the door. I'd really be afraid to turn one of my gals loose on a project like that…but I love your little girl's song!

  17. Very cute, your daughter has a great attitude! My boys would have cried and whined while picking it up :)Stopping by from SITS

  18. How old is this child? And can she hang out with mine? That's making lemonade out of lemons! So cute!Found my way to you from 5 minutes.Blessings,Dana

  19. I've emptied out a junk drawer before, tossed many things and put stuff back. It never fits. It looks like the situation you've got there. I hope you got your floor back :)

  20. Glad to see you back… missed your site!! I have had that feeling many times with my brood usually when cleaning their bedrooms!Your daughter is so playful and witty too!!

  21. I wish I had one that picked up. My boys are all allergic to cleaning. I hope it's just a stage.Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  22. I love that she cleaned it up and sang about it even after saying she didn't want to. And anything that keeps a kid busy that long sounds good to me!

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