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I sat there at my daughter’s swim team practice this week, watching a mom and her two-year-old next to me…

“After this, we’ll take your sister to camp and then we’ll have some time alone–just me and you,” she said sweetly to her son.

To which he answered, “No.”

She leaned over and hugged him. “You don’t want mommy time?”

“No.” Then he leaned over and hit her.

“No hitting,” she said, a little less sweetly.

He stood there with a look on his face like he was deciding whether to hit or tell her no again. He chose, “No.”

She reached out gently and pulled him to her. “C’mere. Are you hungry?”

“No!” He threw his head back and started whining.

She held onto him with one arm and dug through her purse with the other. “What should we play with?” She tried to distract him. As he tried to wiggle free.

Here was this sweet mom, excited to spend time alone with her son, and he obviously didn’t appreciate it. How could he, at two years old? How could he know that, with the way he was acting, his mom might be feeling like she’d rather drop his sister off at camp, then drop him off at a friend’s house, or grandma’s, or somewhere, so she could have a minute to herself?

Here she was, enthusiastic about being with him, only to get hits and fits in return.

But that’s how being a mom is sometimes, right?

We’ve all had days like that.

Days where we make an effort with our kids and it goes unappreciated.

Days where, no matter what we say or do, it’s always “wrong.”

Days where being a mom feels unimportant, or thankless, or small.

And while I don’t have a two-year-old wiggling out of my arms anymore, and I’m finding that things really do get easier as the kids get older, I still have those kinds of days…

Like a week ago when our hot water heater broke, and the plumber couldn’t find the part for the repair, and we had no water for showers, and we couldn’t run our dishwasher, and the sink was full of dishes, and it was 105 degrees outside, and I still had my full leg brace on, and I had three writing deadlines to meet, and my kids were bickering, and I was in mommy-crack down mode, and things were hectic.

And before long, I felt it coming…

The frustration.

The stress.

The desire–no, the need–to run outside and head down the street and keep on running. :)

Except, I couldn’t run.

And it was too hot out, anyway.

But then, almost like God was nudging me directly, I thought about the videos I’d seen the week before at Kristen’s blog (We Are THAT Family).

I remembered how Christy Nockels–amazing singer, fellow mom–said that sometimes we need to focus on the little things right in front of us in order to invite the, “glorious into the mundane.”

And I needed some glorious right about then.

I needed the reminder of what’s important too–my two “little things.” And the fact that I’ve been given an amazing privilege in being their mom. Yes, that privilege comes with plenty of other “little things”–the laundry, the carpooling, the dishes–but it’s all for a purpose.

An awesome purpose.

Sometimes, it’s just easy to forget that.

And as I remembered, instead of feeling impatient or discouraged by the not-so-fun mommy-moments that inevitably come with the territory of being a mom, I began to look at things differently.

And I wanted to focus less on my frustrations and more on having a positive impact on these two precious kids I get to call my own…

So they can turn around and have a positive impact on our world. :)

Stay a minute and watch Christy’s videos, moms. I hope they give you the same encouragement they did to me. And be sure to enter the giveaway for Christy’s music CD before you leave…



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  1. Right now I don't have time to watch those, but what a wonderful post. So true! And it made me laugh about that two year old. My boys know they're not supposed to hit mommy, and yet, they always want to whether they're playing or mad. LOL!Cute story and thanks for sharing. If my kids drive me nuts today, I'm going to remember this post and think about the little things, like how special they are and how cute they sound when they talk (but now when they scream, lol)

  2. As I was reading your post about the mom and 2-year-old, I realized that it sounded like an encounter with my teenage daughter(except for the hitting part). You try; they resist. You love; they run. You relate; they think you're lame.So, ladies, just when you thought that the terrible twos, the curious fives, and the awkward tweens was the end of the battle, think again.

  3. Oh, yeah, I do find the little things to be a blessing; I have to, otherwise I'd would have "kept running" to the west coast by now.

  4. You always have a way of writing as if you are talking right to me… I can so relate with needing a break but I can more accutely relate with the desire to savor every moment I have with my litle ones. They are beyond precious in His sight… I sometimes need to keep that in the *front* of my brain!Lots to love to you today!Amanda

  5. This post was so spot on! I think every mother identifies with this post. I know I sure did! At some point or another, we have all experienced this with our own children…I guess it's just another part of the gig, right? Thanks for sharing this…

  6. Wonderful words. So often we need to drop our desire for "me-time." Only when we pour ourselves out is God ready to fill us up!

  7. It's always in the little things, isn't it?! I'll remember that as I fold mountains of laundry today, and make 4 little breakfasts, 4 little snacks, 4 little lunches, 4 more little snacks, and 4 little suppers. I may even let them dip their cookies in their milk today. :)Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I really needed to read this! Sometimes, when you're in the moment…the moment that seems like it will never end…you forget that you're gonna miss this stage one day. They grow up so fast. We need to be reminded to not sweat the small stuff, and to focus on the good parts of being a mom! Thanks for this post!

  9. Thanks for chiming in, everyone! Kellie, you had me laughing at the west coast comment. And D2the4thePower, I agree; it's always great to focus on the good parts of being a mom. Because there are so many "good parts" to it!

  10. That is what I HAVE to focus on as a Mommy….all the little things. I figure we are also laying up some SERIOUS crowns in heaven too :) That's enough to keep a girl motivated!Thanks for the giveaway and for stopping by my blog!

  11. At least that mom didn't experience the full 2-year-old meltdown on the pool deck. Or the kicking and screaming fit, followed by mommy trying to leave the pool with a toddler holding tightly to her right ankle. Let's just say my youngest was "spirited" in her younger years!

  12. I think maybe that Mom was me with that 2-year-old, could it be possible?!What a wonderful post.

  13. Thanks for all the encouragement…your post and the videos! I have a five year old who always wants to be with me even though I am wishing for some "me" time sometimes. I am learning to put stuff down because it seems her love language is quality time. So hard for this task driven mommy!

  14. Hey Genny. While reading your post, I was wondering how many times I have behaved like that little boy to my kids. When they have been asking for time, hugs or just affirmation and I have pushed them away. They copy us; like it or not, we are their mentors good or bad. Remembering that we can be childish helps me when they behave childish to me.

  15. I just found your blog through you commenting on mine. Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoyed reading this post. I can't wait to check out past posts.

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