I sat there at the kitchen table, hunched over my keyboard, finishing an article I was working on. The house was quiet, except for the sound of the ceiling fan, some soft music, and water trickling in the fountain on my counter.

A few minutes into my writing, I heard a noise…

Clink. Clink.

I stopped and looked around, but didn’t see anything.

Thinking the sound must’ve been part of the music, I shrugged and went back to writing.

But then I heard it again…

Clink. Clink.

I paused and listened harder.

Was the fridge making noise?

Was it my kids’ mice?

I got up and checked their cage, but the mice were sound asleep.

I sat back down to type.

And heard it again…


I have to admit, at that point, I got a little creeped-out.

Slowly, I got up and checked to make sure the front door was locked. Then I went back into the kitchen and began walking around, determined to get to the bottom of things.

And that’s when I saw it….

the big,


red balloon with a shoehorn tied to the bottom of it.
red balloon on floor by table
Don’t ask what.

Or why.

Because I don’t know.

All I know is that it was another one of my son’s inventions, and the ceiling fan was blowing the balloon around on the tile, dragging the shoehorn with it.

Thus, the clinking noise.

I’m sure my son had a good reason for tying the shoehorn to the balloon.

Just like I’m sure he had a good reason for the tornado in the salad spinner. And the soap on the shower wall. And all the other creative things he comes up with.

And I should be thankful that he does.

Because life just wouldn’t be as fun without tarantulas hanging from my steering wheel. Or red balloons scooting around my kitchen. :)

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  1. I just read your post with the spider. Very funny! I’ve wanted to get a little rubber snake and play a little joke on my kids. That’s not mean is it?

  2. Life sure is fun when there are children in the house. You should see some of the creative ideas my youngest son still comes up with. Maybe someday I’ll have to post a few of them.Have a great day.

  3. Those little noises. They are obviously unexpected, but sometimes so hard to find. My mother and I heard a crash one day and it took us a few hours to finally find what fell. Still don’t know how it fell.Funny – I don’t think I’ve ever owned a shoe horn lol

  4. Too funny!My daughter decided to "hide" two balloons that were losing air (like she hides Easter eggs). One she placed on top of the light over the kitchen table. I made a mental note to remove it before we turned the light on, and then went about the business of tucking my kiddos in bed. A little while later, I was typing at the kitchen desk & I heard what sounded like gunfire right behind my back! I was as scared as could be. Finally got the courage to turn around and realized the balloon had got me! With the heat of the light ~ it exploded. :)

  5. Oh, gosh–I’ll bet you were relieved! We have mice of the uncaged variety, which have invaded our house. We’ve see 3 in the past 10 days. Talk about All. Creeped. Out!

  6. ♥ That's funny! That reminds me of my sister and the crazy phone. She kept hearing something or someone saying hello in a weird way in the middle of the night. WHen she finally found what it was it ended up being a plya phone with almost dead batteries. She was a little freaked out by the time she found it! :)

  7. That is funny! I have a fear of helium balloons because one night I was getting ready for bed and all the lights were out and I saw what looked like a head a little shorter than me and I thought itwas my son so I start talking to him and there was not any response so I started to panic and reach for the light with trembling hands just to see one of the kids helium balloons floating in mid-air. It has freaked me out enough I don’t allow the balloons at my house after dark. Crazy huh!

  8. I can’t even click on the tarantula post…sorry.But the big bad balloon…how funny. I’m grateful for curious little boys too!good luck on your new gig?! may it be a paid one!

  9. That is too funny… I would have been sneaking around the house all nervous unti I foubd the culprit.I know my son is always doing crazy things and I often ask, why?

  10. We had a click thing like that going on too – it turned out to be a sign hanging on our porch banging with the wind…. but, it really bugs you until you can figure it out. Such imagination!

  11. It’s nice to have someone to blame for all the random wierd things that happen around the house, rather than wonder who the intruder is . . . Sounds like a great kid!

  12. If my kids get a hold of a helium balloon they are always trying to find an item that is the perfect weight so the balloon will float suspended in the middle of the room. It is a quest of theirs, so I can relate.Cute post

  13. I was very glad to hear that it was only a balloon. With that constant distraction, it could have been an unwelcome creature in your house! My son is very creative also. His mind never stops working. We don’t watch much tv at all. We really don’t need to.

  14. I often wonder when the kids have moved out and I am in my house alone if I will still hear noises and think they are from my children. I am sure we will miss finding the strange creations of our children.

  15. Thanks for asking about my friend. She is on her third round of chemo and so far so good. She is a fighter. She is in a clinical trial so hopefully that will help her battle. Thanks for asking!

  16. I was getting a creepy feeling just hearing your story. I hate being in an empty house. But I’m pretty sure the balloon was harmless…although I am confused about why it would need shoes..and thus a shoe horn?

  17. That is too cute. I find my boy also likes to tie things together. He rigged up a string to his wall light switch so he could “turn off the light without getting out of bed”. Gotta love those little future inventors.

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