Ten Reasons Why

It seems like this week has been full of lists. One after the other has crossed my desk as I’ve read through email, other sites, and the news. Lists like…

“Ten Things About…” or

“Five Ways To…” or

“Three Tips On…”

Which is great, because I love lists. To a fault, actually.

Especially to-do lists.

It’s the checking-things-off that I like.

But, because there’s always a lot to do, that makes for a lot of writing. And a lot of checking.

So I recently automated my list on my computer.

And that’s helped.

Except I can’t fit my laptop in my purse. And I like to bring my list with me (sad, I know). So now I find myself hand-writing a second list from the top items on my first list.

It’s ridiculous.

But I’m getting off topic. Back to this week and the lists I liked…

I was glad when Munchkins and Music stopped by my site and commented so I could find her site, and her great list of reasons why kids should learn music.

And then I happened upon a list with some easy and helpful tips to reduce water consumption.

And, thanks to Kelly at Pass The Torch, I was inspired by a list of young volunteers who’ve been recognized for making their communities a better place (Kelly’s own daughter was a regional scholarship recipient).

I also liked this one: 100 Things To Do During a Money Free Weekend.

And, because I can’t resist, here’s a list of my own:

Ten Reasons Why I’m Glad We Set Our Frogs Free:

1. I found a cricket hopping around our kitchen last weekend.

2. I found another one a few days before that.

3. In the bathroom.

4. Which means they’d been living in our house.

5. Since the cricket incident.

6. Over ten days ago.

7. Which gave me the willies again.

8. And made me glad my kids agreed that our frogs would be happier outside.

9. In our backyard.

10. Where they can feed themselves. :)


  1. I am a list maker also! I love the crossing things off! chech out my blog, u are one of my top commenters!

  2. Lol! I’m glad your frogs have achieved their independence. (Did you keep one inside so he can feast on the crickets that are still around?)

  3. ali

    I’m not such an expert in crossing things off my lists but I do love making them!

  4. Oh goodness – I’d be happy about your list too! Yikes! Thanks so much for mentioning my daughter’s scholarship. The list of volunteers at the Kohl’s site is pretty inspirational.Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks for all the links. I will have to go “visiting”. Have a great weekend.

  6. I love your lists, and thanks for passing on the links. We have frogs too. But they have always lived outside full time.

  7. what have i MISSED! the poor frogs have to live…outside…in the cold…boo hoo! hee hee. so, all this listing has worn me out and i’m tired and it’s late, but i will be back to check out the other ones…especially the water consumption one…that looked interesting?btw…i’ve moved to a new blog, here it is!https://growinwithit.blogspot.com/see ya there!

  8. Thanks for the link to the music blog! I've been in a rut with music "education" and have been looking for some motivation & ideas – this blog looks great!

  9. pfft! i thought the water consumption list was “how to drink more water”! how’s that for a laugh. good ideas on it though. made me feel guilty.

  10. Genny, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You are welcome back any time. I love your blog — I’m catching up on posts and love your writing style…and blog design. Coffee…I was made for it! lol.–Kristen

  11. 1.Love your blog2.Laughed at cricket comment3.Happy that kids freed frogs4.Gotta love a list!Have a great week!Kristin

  12. Yes, lists are amazing. My friends were all laughing at me around the campfire, while camping, that I was already making a list for next year on what I’ll need to bring and what worked well (because I KNOW I’ll forget a year from now). I suppose there’s some deep thoughts on how I was wasting the opportunity to “live in the present” in order to anticipate the future, but, hey, it’s what made me happy at the moment…..Love your sense of humor – looks like a VERY good choice to let those frogs free!

  13. I love lists. They help keep me organized. I like to cross things off and then look back at my accomplishments.

  14. BTW, Uncle Lynn has authorized another Great Pop’rs Giveaway–it starts tomorrow, so stay tuned!

  15. I love finding old To Do Lists in my purse or desk and seeing if everything that was on there weeks or months ago has been done or resolved. Sometimes the things have been done and recycled to being back on the top of the list again!!I love lists it definitely keeps our family chaos a tiny bit more organized. Cute post!!

  16. I need to be a better list maker. I don’t blame you for setting the froggies free :) CZVRWR

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