1. Congratulations! I hadn’t read that entry, so it was a very nice treat.

  2. What a great perspective! I some times struggle with how much to push kids, and how much to respect their “reserved” nature. I guess I am somewhere in between on any given day. It seems my kids may be following in my footsteps.

  3. I loved the post. I never really thought about it, but I realize now I have at some point in my life been both people. Strange how kids will change you.

  4. Genny, I MISSED your Sampler post before! I’ve been trying to keep up with that column knowing mine was to be published yesterday. So glad you read mine, let me know, so it would prompt me to visit your blog and find yours. It’s been a delight reading the few posts I have so far. As far as your Sampler post, it’s a good reminder that yes, we need to see, seek and appreciate those things in our children (and others) which make them “them”. Off to read a bit more before I disappear for the day :).

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