A Mouse In the House

It’s the mice again.

In the house.

The dollhouse, that is.

My kids were supposed to be getting ready for school, but when I went down the hall to check on them, they had their mice in the dollhouse and my daughter was taking pictures with my camera.

“Mom! Look how cute they are! And Spot’s totally a movie star!” My daughter beamed and held up the camera to show me this shot…

mouse in dollhouse crib





Okay, I admit, the picture is cute, and the dollhouse is the perfect size for the mice. (My kids have put them in there before, but only for a short time, and usually when I’m there to supervise.) “All right,” I told them, “A couple more minutes of playing then you have to put them back in their cage. I don’t want them going to the bathroom in there.”

“They won’t, Mom,” my son promised. “They’re potty trained.”

Hmm. I doubt it. Though Spot did go into the bathroom…

mouse in dollhouse bathroom






Then the living room…

dollhouse in living room







Then the bedroom…

mouse in dollhouse bedroom







I smiled and went to start breakfast.

A few minutes, and several pictures later (my daughter took 24 to be exact), I heard…

“Mommy! Come here! Hurry! We need a Kleenex…”

And now I’m wondering, does anyone have a dollhouse-sized mop?


  1. Precious. That doll house is gorgeous and the mice are cute. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I just love your site and am so glad you enabled me to find it. I so apologize for taking so long to respond to your sweet comment.I wish I could tell you how to make a button,but Elisa from Extravagant Grace made mine. If you e-mail me at becomingme@live.com, I’ll give you some links that may help out.I’d also like to talk to you about your children’s writing.Again, great blog! :-)

  2. WOW! cute and scary all at the same time…..and i have flashbacks of Phoebe’s mice and dollhouse from the Friends TV show.

  3. What a sweet doll house! We had a Christmas mouse who showed up in our laundry room on Dec 23rd last year. Let’s just say he wasn’t quite as spoiled as your little mouse . . .Have a blessed day!

  4. So cute! I am not a fan of mice,but yours sure is cute in his little house!

  5. Nope, don’t have one of those lying around! I was so relieved to read that the mouse was actually a welcome friend in your family! :)

  6. awesome. shades of “the borrowers” and the “redwall” books…have your kids read those?

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