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Photos from the conference I spoke at in Florida

By Genny

The Mom Initiative team, kicking our feet up!

All I can say is wow.  The Better Together conference in Florida was amazing. And since a picture really is worth a thousand words, I’ll just let the photos sum it up… There’s nothing else like hundreds of moms getting together–learning, laughing, and loving. It was a powerful and inspiring weekend, and I was honored […]  Continue reading

Because of you…

By Genny

*It’s been a really busy week so I’m putting this post up again, as a quick reminder of how much we impact each other. :) Because of you… I was at the gym the other day when I overheard two women talking… “I did not feel like working out today,” one of them said. “Well I’m glad […]  Continue reading

The story about the two friends on the train to San Francisco

By Genny

This weekend, as I listened to some of the amazing women of (in)courage share their hearts, their stories, their struggles, and their successes at inRL, I was reminded of the importance of friendship. And the importance of staying connected to one another, and to community. So, today, I wanted to post one of my favorite […]  Continue reading

The three men at the coffee shop…

By Genny

They sit there–the three of them–at the table by the window in the coffee shop I often write at. It seems like they’re always there lately, whether it’s at the beginning of the month or the end, whether it’s a Monday or a Friday. The same three men, the same table, the same mugs they bring from home. They’re older… […]  Continue reading

A friendship story…

By Genny


This month, I’ve been so lucky to be able to spend time with my wonderful friends. A couple weeks ago, Jen came out to visit from New Jersey (it was so good to see her!) and we got together with a bunch of our other good friends from college while she was here. And then later this […]  Continue reading

The best birthday celebration (in Napa, CA) ever!

By Genny

A few weeks ago, I went to Napa with my friends to celebrate our birthdays. We’ve all known each other since grammar school or high school and we have a tradition of getting together for a girls weekend once a year. This get-together was special because we all turned 40 this year! It was SUCH a great time. We stayed at Indian Springs […]  Continue reading

Are You Just Too Busy?

By Genny

That’s the question my friend Joanne asks in her book Just Too Busy – Taking Your Family on a Radical Sabbatical. Her book is the story of her own family’s struggle with busyness and what they did about it (took a year off from all extracurricular activities and learned to be a family again). In its […]  Continue reading

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