A weekend to remember


It really was.

When my friend Jen surprised me and told me she was flying out from NJ from my birthday a couple weeks ago, I knew we’d have a great time, but I truly didn’t expect all that she did! It was definitely a weekend to remember…

We started out with lunch at Pottery World (the place I told you about a while ago with that great salad sampler):

Me, Jen

(Look at the flowers and fountains in their outside area!)…

Everything was gorgeous! Jen and I ate at the little Cafe inside (the best food) and talked and talked. It was so nice to be able to catch up; I’ve missed her!

Later that night, we met our friend Kelly for dinner:

Jen, Kelly, Me

and did more talking and more catching up. It was great!

The next day (my actual birthday) was amazing. Jen had already made plans ahead of time with some of our friends from college and set up an entire day at a spa.


Jen, Kelli, me, Shannon, and Jen (three Jens, if you can believe it!)

After that (it was Heavenly!), we went out to a nice dinner:

All of us again, on our way to dinner.

and reminisced about all of our fun college memories.

It was great to be able to spend time relaxing, remembering, and laughing. I feel so lucky to have such great friends. (I love you girls! And I miss you already, Jen! Thanks for everything!)

What about you? Have you had any fun birthday celebrations lately? What about time connecting with old friends?

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