A bridal shoot you absolutely don’t want to miss


Remember when I shared the story about my friend Carole’s daughter and what happened in the bridal shop in Las Vegas?

Since then, Carole told her neighbor Debbie about it.

Debbie happens to be a talented photographer,

who also happens to have a friend named Jennifer who owns a local bridal shop.

Knowing that Heidi’s fiancé Michael wasn’t there to see Heidi in the wedding dress in Las Vegas, and that Carole hadn’t been able to take pictures that day, Debbie and Jennifer got together to create another magical day for Heidi.

This time, Michael was there.

And Debbie took plenty of (beautiful!) photos…

(Heidi, looking like a princess)
(Heidi and her fiance Michael)
(Heidi and her mom, Carole)

Click over to Debbie’s site and read the full story of Heidi’s even-more-special bridal shop day. Your heart will be touched by Heidi and Michael’s love for each other and how Debbie and her friend Jennifer helped to make the day so special for them.

Then get the Kleenex ready and watch the beautiful slideshow below. (Heidi loves Disney, so Debbie even chose a Disney song for the slideshow.)

I feel the same way that Debbie expressed:  knowing that this day with Heidi and Michael was probably one of the most meaningful days for Carole as a mom, I am honored to be able to tell a little more of the story and share their experience with others.

After you watch their slideshow, take a minute to leave Heidi and Michael a comment here. I’m sure it would mean a lot to them!


*Another wonderful thing that happened as a result of Heidi’s story being shared was that my friend Carole was contacted by Down Syndrome News, who then contacted me to ask if they could publish the story from my blog in an upcoming issue of their magazine. I am so excited that more families will get to share in the beauty of Heidi’s special day!


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